Monday, March 22, 2004

Spring Break Episode III - Seeing David again

Just as I was in the middle of writing this message I saved my mom’s life today by calling 911!!! I won’t get into the details since that will be rude.

Jolly good people! And good morning, I have now brought you in my final chapter of Spring Break 2004. Bob went to Arizona last week & probably on vacation. He’s back now. I didn’t speak to him.

David came over 2 days ago. He’s my cousin that I never see. I downloaded 45 GB from his hard drive via his USB connection. He had 53 feature length movies, 20 Family Guys, 14 Space Ghost Coast to Coasts (not all full episodes), MASH, CSI, and Simpsons. And an astonishing 2.5 GIGS of country music videos. He’s big on country. Each video averaged 40 MB. David works on helicopters mechanical aspects not electrical. David was good at playing Mario Kart Double Dash to my surprise! I burned 16 movies to CD already. We were trying to figure out how to network my computers. Both network cards looked good so it didn’t make sense to me how they were not commutating. My hub was hooked up too. O-well. It would have been fun. He doesn’t want to go anywhere or play any of the console game I want him to play.

And trance was playing at Walmart in the electronic’s section. I was freaking out because the song playing was ATB – Don’t Stop or was it Paul Van Dyk – Another Way? I listen to that song a lot and Walmart never showcased any trance track from what I know of. They’re trying to play trance Best Buy too. Best Buy was playing ahahahah remix from Zombie Nation. Stranger then Britney Spears, I tell yeah! American’s historically strayed away from it.

I have tried out Spellforce. was absolutely right about it. Whenever you change your videocard settings to 2x anti analyzing, it will freeze. Well it looks like I’ll be playing Neverwinter Nights until Dungeon Siege 2 comesHowever, I got software acceleration and it played but had a terrible frame rate. Originally, I got spellforce because it had some half naked women on it, looked better than Neverwinter Nights, and the multiplayer is free. Now I’ll set back and name all the games that make you pay: Everquest, Final Fantasy XI, Horizons, and Anarchy Online. I hate to pay more for my games!!!!! I will someday because everyone’s doing it now-a-days.

I got Anarchy Online: Shadowlands for 20 bucks. Anarchy Online is the 2001 RPG of the Year by PC Gamer. At the time it was the best looking role playing game available for PC. It’s a space RPG set 200,000 years in the future. I read on the box that it included full versions of Anarchy Online, Notum Wars booster pack. Though I wasn’t thinking because on the bottom left corner it says, “Internet Connection Required. Additional online fees per month.” That sucks!

While I was in the Woodbury, MN, I got Redhat Professional Workstation, it came out after Redhat Linux 9.0. I think the $110 Operating System will help in school because our class uses Redhat 8, and I would get Redhat’s latest enhancements. I find it interesting that Redhat 8 comes with the student handbook as a free bonus. I will drop this class though, because I got too many 0s. The situation looks grim.

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