Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I was surfing the Internet and I found this really strange website. I know there are stranger…. But a 24 hour TV gaming network? Can it get any stranger? Is the world ready for it? Is there enough games to support a cable channel forever? I didn’t know it was possible! I dunno, a hardcore gamer would even find it odd. It’s called G4, and it’s like Xplay 24 hours a day. Xplay is TechTV’s game show. I knew that Sega tried having a 24 hour channel called Sega Channel or Sega Net, and it didn’t do well, and went off air. You literally watch videogames 24 hours a day! Anyway, I checked out there website and they do have streaming audio on all their shows on their website. I have DirecTV so I don’t get G4. It’s probably not worth it anyways. You get to hear about how awesome a game is or how much a game is sucking all day. It’s not my thing, of course I grew out of this. Still check out their website at or go to to watch Xplay streaming video reviews. I read off the Internet, and there is Game Informer Magazine so it would be too lame to see videogames 24 hours a day. IT is for the couch potato who got tired of playing his PC or Playstation so he watches a cable channel review games all day. I rather play games, and when I"m not playing games, I get out and go to school or hang out with other people. And I thought sometimes TechTV got a little lame sometimes. I guess I was wrong. Still it's interesting what different cable channels there are. I need feedback. What do readers think of G4?

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