Thursday, March 18, 2004

Spring Break Episode II - The Attack of the Ads!

Date: 3/18/04 at 1:29PM

Hello again. David, my cousin from the Navy, couldn’t make it over this week. He is got home on his spring break from Pensacola, Florida. He use to come over all the time until 2001. We played Dreamcast, N64. It was the good ol times. We had played games like Perfect Dark, Mario Kart, Crazy Taxi, and Rush 2049. Last time I saw him was in November 2003 right before he left. I think we both saw Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. David has MSN so we talk through that a lot. But the past week, he hasn’t been online. It just accord to me that we would be home.

Anyways, I was playing Unreal Tournament 2004 online, and web ads keep popping up. It got so bad that I had to reload the OS. I mean didn't I do this 3 weeks ago? What makes me f*cking mad is the popups slow down my connection and happen when I'm using the connection. The game's connection speed wasn't too bad. It ran at a solid 30 frames per second. I waited 3 months, I finally get it, and a few popups are distroying my fun!

Here are some spoilers for gamers. As you can see AMD Athlon 64 FX 53 out performs Pentium 4 EE. I'm going to wait until Athlon 64 FX 55 comes out and than I'm going to get my parents to purchase it for me. AMD stop making the Athlon 64 FX 51 so it'll drop in price quiet sinificently. I"m going to wait until I get 40 frames per second better on my games before I get my new processor for my custom PC. I don't know whether I'm going to get a new pc with all new hardware. Or just buy memory, motherboard/processor and stick the old processor in my Compaq. Getting a new PC from Tigerdirect will definally cut the cost for hardware installation by a professional. But your also paying for things you already have like a videocard, harddrive, DVDRWs, cases, modems and such.

Anyways, I did nothing this week during Spring Break. It’s been “reel” fun. On Tuesday, I got Alice, a dark platformer, made by Rogue Entertainment. Played that game on Tuesday night until 5 in the morning. The graphics were good, maybe a little less polygonized than I’m use too, but that’s okay. Than yesterday, I bought Unreal Tournament 2004. I couldn’t have gone in Monday because Best Buy was sold out. I was also looking at cd players for my Jeep. I want one with MP3 support, but I can’t afford one, I had 140 dollars total. And a nice MP3 Player ran about $170 which is very cheap. I was looking at Sony or Panasonic or Kenwood though, top of the line stereos. The guy tried telling me what a MP3 was…I said to him, God sakes, if I didn’t know what a MP3 was, I would be kinda computer illiterate, which I ain’t.” I told him those exact words. I was trying to prevent him from asking, “Are you downloading MP3s illegally?” I would have said, “Doesn’t everyone these days….” I also got a game called Spellforce: Order of the Dawn. It’s a new RPG released this year. The quote “A splendid mix of Warcraft and Dungeon Siege” caught my eye. And the specs to run the game were pretty high, and I like high specs. I read off that the game is a little buggy later. I usually don’t come to Best Buy this unprepared. I know I heard of Asheron's Call somewhere. gave Asheron’s Call 2 a 9.2 out of 10. It’s the other RPG developed by Microsoft. Well there’s Freelancer, but I tend to hate space RPGs, even though Knights of the Old Republic was my 2nd favorite game until I bought UT2004. My PC performance doesn’t seem to affect Unreal Tournament 2004 at all. It’s been sluggish such as ag between opening Directories. I already checked for viruses. Only one exception, someone using Subseven tryied to hack into my PC this morning (around 1am), but Norton Firewall blocked him or her. I have played with Subseven myself once, but I could only get it work on my PC. It’s an older trojan horse, which is illegal spyware allowing the hacker to view directories, upload files to your computer like viruses, and give the victim popup messages, like the infamous “We know you’re name is ___.” Subseven or “Sub7”, to my knowledge was last released in 2000, but isn't a very powerful trojan horse in 2004 because every firewall in the world can block it practically. Some other things Subseven can do is open webpages in Internet Explorer, open CDROM drives, illegally “watch” instant messenger conversations, and talk to the victim through it, and watch other people activities in a LAN situation who don’t have firewall protection.

Tune in for Spring Break Episode III. Coming soon to a blog near you!

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