Saturday, January 11, 2003

DC - Test Drive Le Mans review

Test Drive Le Mans


Developer : Ifangrames

A.) 12 playable tracks

Publisher : Ifangrames

B.) All different types of cars

Released on April 20, 2000

C.) Best stock car racer on Dreamcast

Type : Racing

Test Drive Le Mans was some good in a dieing console ready to vanish from stores. This game was ported to Playstation 2 and PC. But the Dreamcast had the best graphics and best control of all the ports. The control is tight. This is 2 years before Ifangrames renamed itself to Atari. Basically the same company. What made Le Mans so good, was it was a little above average to begin with. It had the lengthy tracks. The race cars. It is a Speedster vehicle. If that isn't enough it took granted like rain effects. The rain splashs off the ground and makes the road slippery. Flog fills the sky and corners are outlined in lights a couple feet before in view. While it's makes the game complete. It just can't compete to today's games.

Summing up Test Drive Le Mans



Graphics are really good. I haven't seen any other racer for Dreamcast look this good.It has water particle effects. Great structure graphics. Not too blurry on this ageing console. Graphics are best compaired to Test Drive Rally.



Tight control. Stopping is a nesesesity for making sharp turns. The dreamcast control is able to make good control in a good game. Without having to worry about expensive hookups. This game supports Dreamcast compatible steering wheels.



Most of us have seen these games on more powerful consoles like the PS2. This game is oddly a giant leap from games on the PS2.



TCool engine sounds. I don't mind the techno remixes. Still too un-American for me.



The tracks create a positive feeling inside. The control feels like your driving a Formula One stock car. It doen't feel quick like in "Ferrari F355 Challenge." That too was a simulation. Yet it's not a rally racer where you continuely let off the accelerator to gain tread. The variety of tracks add to the replay value too.

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