Tuesday, January 14, 2003

DC - Soul Calibur review

Soul Caliber



Developer : Namco

A.) 25 levels 30 characters, best fighting game for any console and it shows

Publisher : Namco

B.) Epic Music I haven't heard since I don't know

Released on Sept. 11, 1999

C.) First anime game I got into.

Type :Fighting

Soul Caliber was the first game that featured anime that I got into. The women in the game were full of expression. I meant they looked sexy.

Anyway I liked this game better then Dead or Alive 2 because the characters could shield themselves easier. The game had tons of moves. I remember looking on the web for best tactices to use in the game. Which moves were the most effective so I won't have to figure it out myself. When I played it I ruled in the arcade mode. Simple tricks could help you get away with the first 5 opponants. But it was didn't take me long to finish. Were the opponents too dumb to do special attacks. I don't know? The key was keeping far away from them until they made a attack and close in and do attack until you KO! them. It worked so well that I beat my own score many times. Maybe 50. I never got into any other fighter. I've tried 2D fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter Alpha 3. But this game had something that those didn't. Pure 3D action! I'm sure that people will remember this game for years to come.

Summing up Soul Caliber



How should I say extremely good. While Sega Rally 2 was the best looking racer for Dreamcast. Soul Caliber was the best looking game in the whole year 1999. And for good reason. It was an direct port of the arcade game. The game even was enhanced over the arcade version.



Perhaps the best control put into dreamcast. The balance between dodging, shielding and fighting were up there in the all time. I seen this game in cupple "Best Games of all time" polls and Editor's Choice Polls. The Soul Caliber who changes his appearance in the end of the arcade is twice as hard as any opponents you play in arcade. In survival, you compete all fighters and then it cycles over again. You can't ever beat survival. You will die. It's just a matter of when you will die. The longer you hold out the more unlocked items whether it be characters or gallery pics in the game. You might be able to defeat all characters one time through by button mashing, but the second time it's up to your knowledge of luring in your opponent, waiting for him/her to make a mistake and going all out on them with special attacks before they can recover and fight back.



Tons of orginalness. The sounds are really good. I can tell that his game has aspects of Tekken. But for a new franchise this game is really good.



The soundtracks are really good. They have up beat tracks that have really good scores.



I love this fighter. But I love Racing more. But besides Super Smash Bros Melee. Soul Caliber is my second favorite figher of all time. And I don't really play videogames that much anymore. It's hard to say. I'm mostly a spectator now a days.

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