Monday, January 06, 2003

DC - Grandia 2 review

Grandia 2


A.) Sequel to the great RPG for Playstation / Saturn.

Developer : Game Arts

B.) Save the empire by discovering the evil that lurks under the ground. Fight the Bosses of Valmar. Discover what happens to the main character. .

Publisher : Uri Soft

C.) Better graphics over Playstation 2

Released January 01, 2000


Type - Role Playing

Grandia 2 is my first RPG, if you call Zelda 64 a RPG then I suppose it'll be my second. I bought it because I have growing interest in console RPGs. Sometimes if you play your first console RPG, you think that the game is better, the game mechanics are foreign to you, and you hate doing battle scenes over and over gets irritating. To my surprise, I liked it a lot. I knew the game had engadging cut scenes and battle mode. I like the story in this game, infact it's as good as Final Fantasy 8, which game out the exact day that Dreamcast was released.

Summing up Grandia II



Featuring better graphics then Sega's "Skies of Arcadia" Every pixel in this game is smoothed out to be more smooth and more colorful then even the Playstation 2 version.



I enjoy an easy game. While this game isn't easy to complete, it has good control. The camera is great. It hardly has a problem. The battle system has definding feature. The navagation system activated by the B button in progressing the character, is very fulled out. It has basic features including the ability to change weapons, potions, battle gear for all characters in your party. What you except in any RPG. If you compare this game with Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 8, then there is a lot in common with the battle system. The battle system isn't consistant. The game pauses while you plan your stradegy against the enemy. While it doesn't make the game ingenious, it makes the game incredibily realistic to play. You need this battle system to fight enemies in the game. It doesn't take much intelligence to figure defense out. You might want to find what skills are best suitable on the Internet. I once wrote a faq on how to play this game.



Highly Original. Has the story line of a fantasy rpg. The towns are orginal. Grandia 2 is pure fantasy. I liked the music in the game. Game Arts has good music. The music was really good, and speed up when in tense situations. I like that. The text driven RPG has some spectacular quotes. Some cut scenes are spoken out, and their pretty good. The FVM is good.



Save the Gradias from the evil Valmar spirit that lives inside the people. Interesting story - 3 main characters are effected in some way in Valmar's clutches.



This game is simple enough were most people can defeat the final boss, yet powerful enough that you might want to beat the game again. I've beat Grandia 2 only once, but I played 4 hours into the game 4 times since I got it. The best RPG for Dreamcast, no doubt.

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