Thursday, January 02, 2003

DC - Sonic Adventure review

Sonic Adventure 1.1 (Greatest Hits Package)



Developer : Sonic Team

A.) First title to feature Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Mr. Robotnic in high resolution. Had stunning graphics at it's time. Won awards in 1999 congraduating Sega for good programming effort.

Publisher : Sega

B.) Good sound track.

Released on Sept 09, 1999

C.) Version 1.1 (greatest hits package) prevents game from freezing up at times. Some noticable improved loading times on levels. Prevention of Sonic getting stuck into walls. Control is alittle more responsive then original release.

D.) A

Type : Action Platform

Sonic Adventure is the recreation of Sonic Xtreme, a canceled first party title which was orginally for Sega Saturn. Sonic Adventure was the first project for Dreamcast, Sega was working on. A demo came with the Dreamcast featuring the first level of the game. Some argue that the first level with the whale was the most fun in the game. The backgrounds were amazing in 1999. And this game. The game featured cut-scenes in the middle of the game when Sonic saves Amy and defeats Dr. Robotnic *again*

Summing up Sonic Adventure 1.1



Great first effort to put Sonic the Hedgehog on Dreamcast. said Sonic Adventure had the most impressive graphics in 1999. I noticed that Dreamcast displays images at a lower resolution and looked close to what Gamecube pumps out at 800/600. While the sequel looks better with more pixel shadowing, the first game was better developed (in my opinion) For some levels in the game like Speed Highway for Tails, the level is completely changed. The close ups are great and clean. Sonic looks better then some of the backgrounds, but that can easily be over looked when going at top speed on a speed track.



Playable to say the least. In 1999, the graphics were clearly the most important aspect in creating Sonic Adventure. Although the key locations in Sonic 3D Blast showed up in this game with music Sonic fans heard from Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis. About 50% of the Story Mode is moving around while the other 50% is completing the objectives. It is a kids game that adults play.



When I played this game when I was 14. I liked it. The environments are creative. The music is remixed, but isn't very good. I like Tail's theme, the only exception.



It's a classic, it's a mulk up of a Sonic defeating Dr. Robotnic. In the game Sonic Team uses voice acting, and is as bad as some anime voice overs in movies. I forget who does the voice acting but Sega hired hollywood actors to act for them. Sonic Team blew it, I admit the idea is good. I wonder if the voice acting improves in the Gamecube version. It has to be so Sonic mets all the playable characters, and the other characters have there own story.



Dreamcast has some unusually great titles. This was one of them. This game is great, I am a Sonic fan as much as I'm a Mario fan. I'm alittle old to be a Sonic fan, but I don't care.

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