Friday, January 10, 2003

DC - Resident Evil 2 review

Resident Evil 2


Developer : Capcom

A.) IThe playstation port in high resolution. Suppost to be the best Resident Evil 2 port of any console (PSX, GCN, DC, N64)

Publisher : Capcom

B.) creepy rooms. creepy zombie faces.

Released on March 01, 2000

C.) Eccasional freeze ups on the 2nd disc.

Type : Survival Horror

When Resident Evil 2 came out for Playstation in 1998, it was very improved over the orginal. It looked a lot better, it was twice as long. Originally Capcom was going to port Resident Evil 3 to Dreamcast. So they ported Resident Evil 2 also. Both games had the same graphics engine and for some reason Resident Evil 2 looked better then Resident Evil 3. The cutsceens improved in the Dreamcast Version. Of course all of this becomes unrealistic after playing the Gamecube version of Resident Evil. The prerendered backgrounds are here. One thing that has been unchanged. Out of all ports (including Gamecube version) the Dreamcast has the best graphics. But hey the game is still there. Leon is locked inside of the Police Station for the majority of the first disc. Then Leon and Claire get out and go into a zombie infested hospital. RE2 was my first Resident Evil game I played. I eventually became a fan of the series. Shooting zombies is fun. Although I am a fan, the games do wear off on me. Perhaps after playing and getting lost getting the proper tools to open new areas is too strenious. Capcom also made spinoffs franchises like Clocktower 3 for the PS2. Clocktower 1 and 2 were exclusive to Sega Saturn. I don't know how good they actually were.

The bad was that they didn't redo it like in Resident Evil Code Veronica. I suppose it would be very expensive to create a game and redesign it like if it was in Resident Evil for the Gamecube. Capcom didn't add any parts to it. At times the game was too hard to get through. But that doesn't effect it, it's now Capcom could improve it. Don't get convinced that Resident Evil 2 looks like Resident Evil *Remake* for Gamecube. It looks like the former Dreamcast version. Capcom priced it out at 30 dollars. The orginal game for Playstation is already 5 years old.

Summing up Resident Evil 2



Graphics are good. But not that good. I've seen better on Dreamcast. The blood looks like a blob of red paint unstead of real blood. The game follows a formua that Horror Films also follow. Not showing the actual creepy monster until you run into him. The errie rendered police station, hospital added to the scary effect. It had everything. Very detailed. A long the way, there is hints like being locked into a room and knowing that you'll soon end up fighting another boss.



Not extremey good control, but very playable. The Dreamcast port didn't have quick turns in opposite directions that RE: Code Veronica had. The game has point and shoot written. Dodging zombies can be hard, but that is also determined by your skill level. It's good!



Really Original. The game has a story to back it up. And it's not what the dog dug up. It's a compelling story or 2 if you play both discs. One disc has Leon's game. The other has Claire's game.



There is elevator music in this game, but it's creepy at times. But combined with the discussing noises the virus infected spooks make, it can really be scary at times. The effects come straight out of "Nightmare of Elm Street" or "Night of the Living Dead" or "The House on Haunted Hill" Honestly, the music fitted the game really well. I was scared sometimes.



I wasn't too excided to play it over again. One major reason was that I would have to relearn all the right times and where the FMU was going to play (since cutsceens drive Resident Evil 2 to advance further. It's not that I'm lazy, I never would have time to play the whole game finish it with out dieing, getting a little mad. Turning off the Dreamcast and starting over. Then why am I a fan of Resident Evil? When there is nothing stopping me from advancing, the game grows on me, and is addictive. If you got this game when it came out for Playstation. Don't look at this port. You might like the high resolution textures. But it's the same game. You don't need Resident Evil 2.

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