Tuesday, January 14, 2003

DC - Sega Rally 2 review

Sega Rally 2



Developer : Sega

A.) 4 playable tracks all of them around the world with 4 soundtracks.

Publisher : A2

B.) The best looking racer of 1998 and 1999

Released on September 11, 1999

C.) AI is strong. You must pass all cars in front. Big gaps between you and other competitors, means you must make few errors to get in front.

Type : Rally Racing

Sega Rally 2 for the Sega Dreamcast was my most favorite game by the end of 1999. Dreamcast had the first console racer to feature high resolution graphics, it was awarded many noninees for good looking racer by PCWorld, Gamespot, IGN.com and Videogames.com. If you ever seen a actual rally race on television, you see that the cars must have decent conditions or the car will not steer ride. Some cars have 2 and 4 wheel drive. The difference between the two is with 2 wheel drive the driver can slide easier. This doesn't work in wet pavement. So the car you choose is the car you must drive in all conditions. You can change the car specs to match better turning. If you have a narrower track, the bearings should be looser. that way you maximize speed while turning a little at a time. The co-driver tells you what kind of curve your going to do. This part gets some getting use too. You must have total control when coming to this title. But it's a lot of fun when you do know the steering patterns. Manuel shift is the best because you can downshift and save seconds. I use to use the time attack option and play against my ghost. That was cool because the ghost went exactly where I went on my best lap. Sometimes I beat the ghost it sometimes I didn't. In my opinion the Time Attack is the most rewarding aspect of Sega Rally 2.

Summing up Sega Rally 2



Graphics are solid. Today's games have high resolution everywhere graphics that are independent from the rest of the game. True to life 3D images. This game was the first to have these. This game also started all the high resolution work and set an example of what the next generation rally racer should look like. The game has decent replays and the car models are extra detailed (dreamcast standards we're talking about). The backgrounds are somewhat a blur. But this game is 4 years old and deserves respect for what it was. Not that it's been dominated. Sega put a lot of work in this game from what I can see.



Perhaps the best control I've seen in a Rally racer. I also loved Test Drive V Rally. But this game was better in controlling the vehicle. For what ever reason I liked that game better.



Tons of orginalness. The tracks were well designed. And it had twice as many tracks as the Saturn prequel (I own the prequel too) And Twice as many cars. But the quality of the tracks were about the same.



The soundtracks were ok. And the engine sounds took advantage of the Dreamcast sound chip. The Dreamcast had the loudness chip I ever heard on the console. Even compared to the XBOX. They both sound the same.



The game was so realistic back then. And the gameplay wasn't bad to begin with. Sometimes I had bad wipeouts because I overturned in a tight corner, which I didn't like at all. But I liked this game From Sept 99 to March 2000 because no other racers were out for Dreamcast and no games had better graphics until Test Drive Le Mans or Test Drive V Rally or F355 Challange or Vanishing Point came out for Dreamcast.

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