Sunday, January 05, 2003

DC - Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2


A.) Featuring original cast : Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Tails, and Dr. Robotnic.

Developer : Sonic Team

B.) The next chapter in Sonic's never-ending saga to end Dr. Robotnic plans to conquer the world.

Publisher : Sega

C.) 3 - 4 hours of gameplay.

Released August 21, 2001

D.) faster frame rate and better loading times over Dreamcast

Type - Action Platformer

Sonic came to Gamecube with a lot of people wondering why? It was Sega that went to Nintendo not the other way around here. So since the two major publishers had 3 big titles to put on Gamecube, Sega this made extra Dreamcast software that would do perfect ports or this is what it looked like. As for Sonic Adventure 2, all you get is Sonic and his speed. To me, this is all right at the beginning. But dies off more as the storyline goes on. SEGA probably got every 10 year old who owns Gamecube wanting to buy it. It is not your Sonic that you once knew and loved on Genesis. But you can tell that Sonic really came along when Sega put him into 3D with clearest pixels and some indirect lighting effects to match.

The Level Design

You might not like Sega for turning Sonic into a more "Techno Sonic". I know why too. Japan is crazy about Techno Remixs. SEGA wanted Sonic to become a Disc Jocky before someone could say that they went overboard. When they did the idea was official and no one could change it. Sonic Team most defiantly borrowed from NiGHTs and famous NES classic Marble Madness to create the Sonic World we're now familiar with. The treasure hunts where more satisfying and height doing Sonic levels. What do you think of that? Knuckles is cooler then Sonic. You can also tell that Sonic Team cleaned up the levels since Dreamcast.

The Control System

Either then Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. Whether or not you think the gamecube controller has out or not.


Sonic Team did one thing right out of the sound department. They made the music fit the game. I recently tried doing remixs with songs and all of them turned out horrible. Sega probably did their best in the sound department. The music sounds like alternative rock or hip-hop customized for Sonic and Knuckles. I personally don't care for it much. Most people would listen to the radio anyway so it depends on your preference.


Sonic Adventure 2 is a less a winner then the original but I agree with those people who give it 3 1/2 stars. It would make a decent retail. (posted July 11, 2002)

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