Tuesday, January 07, 2003

DC - F355 Challenge Review

F355 Challenge


A.) Really good graphics.

Developer : A2

B.) 12 tracks with a long arsenal of car options

Publisher : Acclaim

C.) realistic driving. Or one of the most realistic driving sims I played in my life.

Released September 11, 2000


Type - Ferrari Racing

If it is between Test Drive Le Mans and F355 Challenge, I would have to pick Test Drive Le Mans. But this is the second best racer due to all the options. Playstation 2 may have Gran Tranismo 3 A Spec and Midnight Club, but this game has a cool announcer. Realistic Ferrari sounds. And Led Zepplin / Guns and Roses sound track. These are some classic rock on the Radio. Too bad that the game has only 5 playable soundtracks. It would have been much cooler if A2 included more rock tracks. As for the game, the physics are better then your dead average racer like Wacky Races, Mario Kart 64 and Micromachines. They all suck except for Mario Kart. the game has plenty of tracks including 5 unlockable tracks. I like the sound of the engine when I slow down. The engine skips and that sounds cool.

Summing up F355 Challege



Graphics are one year ahead of it's time. The tracks haven't lost there momentium. It's a little fuzzy in the front. But that's what Dreamcast racers are like. The cars are PS2 quality!



Perfect Control in my opinion. I lost interest in this game when I got a Gamecube. But I remember when I played this game, it had an edge to it. You play this game and you realise how much more the game is difficult without the handicaps. The AI is good enough that if your lucky, you'll most likely get 3rd place unless you know exactly what turn to take and when to make it. Don't forget to brake. If your willing to put time into a racing game to find out the best curve turning style, your welcome to try. Cars turn extremely tight. Failure to that could of meant a new opportunity.



Okay. You'll like this game. Dont' mind the realism.



Cool ferrari sounds. The music is ok, but the ferrari sounds make up the whole game.



If it wasn't for new games coming out each month, I would have been addicted to this game forever. For a sort time, this game included online play. It was free access. But now there no one on this game. If your friend owns the same game, the two of you should go online for head to head racing action. That would add a point to replay value.


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