Friday, January 17, 2003

DC - Rayman 2 - The Great Escape review

Rayman 2 : The Great Escape



Developer : Ubi Soft

A.)Rayman's first 3D adventure for the Dreamcast

Publisher : Ubi Soft

B.) Save creatures in the world and since you can't do it by yourself, you gain trust of this voodoo guy who also tries eats Rayman, but he helps Rayman save the world. Strange eh?

Released on March 21, 2000

C.) 15 hours of gameplay in this game.

Type :Platform

This was Dreamcast's only platform game. Uri Soft made Rayman before, but he's different now. Uri Soft successfully put him into a 3D platform game like what Nintendo did to Mario. The little guy doesn't have legs or arms, just a hand and feet. But he comes equipped with magic which he uses to defeat enemies. It was a solid game, but I fell out of interest with Rayman. But he was funny at times. The game is huge. It must have been really high profile game @ Uri Soft because they've put this game on PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, and PS2. So it was stunning for all consoles. said that the Dreamcast version was absolutely gourgous. The game is already 3 years old, and I thought Dreamcast was going to last until 2004. You do a lot of skills. The game has many ingame cut sceens. And the music is very platformish. When first looking at it, you'll think it's only a kids game. Well sometimes kids games can be great games too. I haven't heard about Rayman 2 much, but this game is also out for Playstation 2. With the exception of Super Mario Sunshine, PS2 has all the great platform games avalible. Publishers put about 90% of platfrom on the PS2. It's good that Dreamcast got one of the top 5 platformers to own for PS2.

In the game you save your homeland. The AI in this game is above average. The Rayman 3 AI is suppose to be improved dramatically over Rayman 2. Though in Rayman 2 the game gets plenty difficult in the middle of it. Most of the game is hanging from vine to vine. I like the colors in the game. The lava level was both long and inventive. It added character to this game. The rest of the artwork is really good. Not half of any developers in the Industry can do as well as Uri Soft did with Rayman 2. Three years after Dreamcast stopped production, it's an antique now.

Summing up Rayman 2 The Great Escape



It's looks really good. A lot like the PS2 version of the game. The dreamcast version of Rayman 2 stands out more because the game looks brighter shades of Rayman and some backgrounds. The water effects are good. The sky moves.



Take Rayman through an adventure with precise controls. I've beat the game. It's not too hard to beat. While I think they've stold something from Legend of Zelda with the "Z targeting" effect. The game locks on a enemy and automatically destory it. However the camera in the game is good. However, once you make a big mistake, you start the whole level over.



In some ways I think this game is as inventive as Mario. Only Rachet and Crank, Spyro the Dragon or Crash came this close. Why? Rayman is simple, kids love him in France (he owns his own show) So Rayman is cool in France and North America? Hmmm, although I lost interest in platform games, I respect Uri Soft for making this game. It's fun in it's own way.



The soundtracks are appropriate for a platform game.



I'm not into Dreamcast platform games anymore. I might pick up Rayman 3 for Gamecube though. Just more Rayman, he's gain a reputation for being a good platform game.

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