Sunday, July 09, 2000

Vanquish | 9.0

Well there are plenty of reviews here already so not to rehash what everyone else has said, I will keep my review short and to the point. Overall, I personally love this game as there is nothing else on the market that covers the action genre so much as this game does. The graphics are excellent, no slow-down, detail is amazing etc. The cons are as everyone else has said regarding forgetful story, bad voice-acting, short, etc. I will say if you're looking for a deep adventure, look elsewhere. This game is all action. With that said, most of time the reason I read reviews is if it is worth spending the hard-earned funds to purchase the product. The game is short. I completed the game in a week on normal (about 7 hours). Now here is where the meat is, re-playability. If you are the type of person that likes to complete games over on higher difficulties than you are in the right place. I am attempting "godly hard" mode and am not able to pass the first section of the first level. There is some real difficulty here and it is something I have not experienced since the days of 2-D gaming. Beating this mode will give anyone serious bragging rights. Also, after beating the game the first time, there are 6 challenge modes to complete that are fun and difficult at the same time (challenge 6....yikes!!). This game should be played by everyone, no doubt about that. Should this game be purchased at full price by everyone? That's for you to decide. Just know what you are getting is a great action game that bets on replaying. No more, no less. If you need an idea of what you are getting into action wise, think Bayonetta and Mad World (same great developer). Now, how do I increase my gaming skill for this game on "godly-hard"....

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