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Playstation 3 - Batman: Arkham Asylum 9.0

The Joker is hotter than hot, thanks to the great role of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Batman now faces many in the second place, in terms of popularity (and Robin at the last, simply because he is gay). We think the thoughts that this game will be different. Batman: Arkham Asylum not immediately attracted the most attention of many people. Batman games were never really highly regarded and why the expectations were not high in this title, with surely a very interesting setting. I had very high expectations for this game, because I had secretly hoped that it would be a little sleeper hit. Read on and you'll know whether I was right.

The story now is no big secret anymore, because that was really the only thing most were released. Batman, our sexy man with a fetish for bats, the infamous Joker arrested. The strange this is that it went from there very easily. Almost without protest caught the bat friend the smiley. . Batman drives full speed into the prison / asylum Arkham Asylum, where The Joker is thrown behind bars. Unfortunately, the party not because this was just the Joker counted. . Everything is to hand and within seconds turned to Arkham Asylum has become his playground.

Here we must immediately stop here for a break. Moments later we see Killer Croc, who was removed from his cell for a transfer. The beast was not happy and threatened to make Batman's life miserable the next time he has a chance to do so. Now we continue where we left off: The Joker escapes.

Batman guessed something, but he is again doomed. Now the player takes control of Batman and can get to work. The Joker in Batman sends only criminals off. This is the perfect opportunity for the controls once the paces and in particular the aspect Knok. This is very limited, but still very dynamic. You can kick and hit a square. Can counter attack with triangle and you can make enemies dizzy circle. As the whole joke is: the fight is not so much the repeating what we used it in other fighting games. BBatman reacts differently to each of the positions the enemy. Thus, he example a flip kick and then a few criminals to hand out as far, but only to go fist as everyone snug around him.

Especially the counter attack we find very enjoyable to do. This attack provides the most satisfying. This is also what you most need to keep an eye on you. The bad guys get three Harry Potter-like lightning icons above their head, before they attack you want. . At that moment you must press triangle, so that the counter can start. You'll very much this kind of fighting experience in Batman: Arkham Asylum. . Also something that could happen very repetitive. However, the blades sometimes alternating with sociopaths and psychopaths with him actually crazier than a door. The idiots with knives you get down with the easiest one stun attack (O button) and the most craziest (you probably know them: to have clothes with super long sleeves and think that the floor moves) have only one hit and a finishing blow required. If the crooks on the ground to die, you give them a final blow. Do this by holding R1 and pressing triangle.

Once the first group to have been grounds for criminals we can proceed with the game. Batman does everything in order to stop The Joker. We will not spoil things in the game going, because who will buy the game still can go enjoy the many surprises that the game is rich. Some characters are such a star in the game that have never been announced. They will also provide the necessary variety in the game.People with the greatest fear, that the game will be very repetitive, I can reassure you. There are many aspects to be addressed, that the game time after time so interesting. In the beginning you only with your fists, for example, the Batarang and grappling hook to do. But in the course of the game with other gadgets you can get to work.

Later on also gives you explosive gel and a grapple gun that Batman can move vertically. The gadgets play an important role in the game, because sometimes you are obliged to use it otherwise you will just not go in the game. One nice extra (but not for us to Batman) is that The Riddler is also working on Arkham Island. The Riddler has spread here and Riddler Trophies that you can start searching. We are accustomed in such kind of games that if you have extras, although not often yields results. In Batman: Arkham Asylum wel. In Batman: Arkham Asylum is. Besides the Trophies The Riddler has also invented puzzles that you're allowed to solve.. Based on these riddles must you can figure out what you should do a scan (hold L2).

TThe Riddler will almost always comment if you've found something. Although limited to the following comments how stupid you do not have, not how great he is or how long it has not lasted, before you found out what the mystery was. Juist hier viel ons wat op. Exactly what we came here. There is a lot spoken by the voice actors. We have our play session might only twice heard a particular sentence for the second time was used. The Joker also goes by the constant intercom and that's really never the same and always hilarious. Besides the Trophies, secret maps and chattering teeth that you can collect and destroy, you can record tapes from some bad guys find out the Batman comics.

This must also find and Sleuth. They are extras, but very nice. For example, you hear some conversations between the psychiatrist and The Joker. Also include The Riddler and Harley Quinn can hear the conversations. They are not only fun, but they also say more about the story behind the characters.Besides the tapes can also (you can find so many different things in Batman Arkham Asylum) with one stone beetle find out. The Arkham Chronicles. Why this name? If you have found them the story of the founder of Arkham Asylum hearing. He tells how it all started and what he experienced when he was doing.

Yet we have a few downsides to this game. So the bosses are very mild. The best had been less superficial. The bosses were maybe five years ago groundbreaking, but are now very overtakes. Also the game is not very difficult to call. In many fights with the inmates is a good vigilance is required, but then you also if you give enough punches and countered. The fighting itself may indeed be repetitive, but luckily you can in certain rooms in true Batman style you're going to attack enemies. Throw the Gargoyles (Gargoyles) ensures that Batman is invisible to the criminals and the many gadgets allows the player to make a truly many different ways to proceed.

When enough challenges from the Riddler has settled, we can climb the Challenge mode. Here you can fight against hordes of criminals just as quiet as possible a few criminals knock out. While doing this you can complete three challenges. Example of a gargoyle hanging criminals (by means of an inverted take down) or by using your explosives. If you do this you earn points on the natural world leaderboards appear. There are sixteen Challenges to unlock during the Story mode. If you have found enough Riddler Trophies unlock your Character biographies of Character Trophies. The biographies can be read and 3D Character Trophies are just the characters that you can see below (Harley Quinn has a very sexy package to ...).

We almost forget one important aspect in the game: the Detective Mode. When this mode is activated, with a Batman type X-ray view of the world bad guys easily (through walls) in one spot and see if a particular instant wall weak enough to blow. You know this only too well the many trailers and wonder whether you throughout the game by this view will not only play, but falling into giant. Sometimes you into the game follow a certain track, the time of the CSI game, but this is purely for atmosphere and is not profound All in all a very useful tool for the friend who bats dierendag extra bats in the sun sets.

Batman has a lot in terms of extras to offer. It is deep, interesting and fun to explore them all. The basic gameplay is nice, but interesting enough to the many hours to maintain. . You do the long game, even once an asset, but there is people backtracking in the game. Only every time, when you enter a certain place, it is totally different. Some characters make for a very pleasant change and the story is fascinating rete. Graphics are impressive. The Unreal Engine is very good use of animations and Batman are also high (ragdolls never get weird poses). . His cape flies great the whole game and certainly at times when we may float a bit, this is very cool. The game provides a very good feeling Batman and The Joker is super well reflected in the game. People who swear by Heath Ledger, The Joker also does justice to his role.

What can we say? There is much in the game is good it really is a super game. It has become a sleeper hit that nobody saw coming. The AI is good, the battles are not as boring as Assassin's Creed and working with as you take down a criminal, the other does not really wait. The many unlockables are fun to find, the environments are amazing (but wait until you come to the Penitentiary!), The recorded voices are great and the characters are fantastic shape. Anyone slightly familiar with the comics here will have a feast.Gamers who are not fans of Batman will also be pure enjoyment from the game can get. The game offers a lot and is a good warmup for the grand Assassin's Creed 2, because it is more modern. We can only recommend everyone to go get this game directly to the local game farm, because everything is just entertaining in this game!

- Extra's fascinatin
- Good story.
- Nice graphics.
- No Robin in the game.
- Play nice.
- Gadgets are bold.
- Great atmosphere
- Overtakes his bosses.
- Riddler maps are very easy quest.
- Battles are slightly monotonous.

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