Tuesday, July 04, 2000

Mario Kart Wii | 6.5

Anyone who put a few hours of play time into this game will realize that it's easier to get into than past Mario Kart titles, mostly purists will sense this right away. Nintendo made this title with the casual gamer in mind to get the most attention and for the most part it pays off.

Mario Kart lets you play through several game modes where you pick a character, pick a kart or motorcycles (new to the franchise), pick a stage (16 classic tracks from past MK titles and 16 brand new tracks) and then you race for 1st place against 11 other CPU racers. Along the way, you can pick up several power ups to help you or hinder your competition as well as multiple ledges to perform speed boosts. As you go through the single player mode, you start off at the lowest class (50 cc) and earn the right to unlock the 100 cc class (cars go faster) and the 150 cc (cars go the fastest.) Races take place in the form of "Cups" featuring tracks of various themes. Of course, Nintendo always pack in extra content waiting to be unlocked when you fulfill certain conditions. In the end you can unlock secret characters, karts and motorcycles. Anything you unlocked in the single player mode can be used in the online multiplayer modes, which is where you can race up to 11 other people from across the world. Win your races and you win rank points and improve your status online.

The PROS: graphics, sounds and music. There are lots of characters to use. There are lots of karts, bikes and characters to unlock. The controls are very easy to use and you have a choice of Wiimote and Nunchuk, Classic Pro controller, Wii Wheel (included with game) or Gamcube controller as your means to control the game. 4 player support is available so you can play with your friends. Online multiplayer is fun and works (unlike the online multiplayer featured in Super Smash Bros Brawl.)

The CONS: Remember when I said earlier the casual gamer can get into this game? It's because the overall difficulty of this game in general is low, EXCEPT for the cheap A.I. on the highest difficulty level. Racing in the 150 cc means dealing with the cheap, cheezy, rubber band A.I. of the CPU racers (very frustrating at times.) Some single player modes are not available in the multi-player modes. And yes, hackers have found a way to boost their stats and snag power ups without actually acquiring them so beware whenever you race online for any funny activity.

It plays a lot like Mario Kart 64 so why should a 6.0 be bumped up to a 8.5? It shouldn't go pass 6,5 in my opinion. Just because it is fun could also mean its stupid fun. I had stupid fun when I was a kid, but I'm a grown up. Grown-up hate this. This is the only game my non-gamer mother wants to play; therefore, it can't be a 7, 8, 9 or even 10.

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