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The Orange Box PS3 review 9.0

The most important of the entire package is simply Half-Life 2. This game came a few years back from the PC. Later it was ported to the original Xbox and now he is the next-gen consoles available. Includes two separate episodes that later came out as a kind of add-on to the story. Here I can also equal a footnote. If you are the original and possibly one of the single episodes then you have played the Half-Life section in The Orange Box have nothing to expect. The game has no further in-game adjustments when it comes to gameplay. Conversely, what is that Half-Life two also still a hell of a game that itself is in the top ten best First Person Shooters ever made should places. If you are not totally familiar with the phenomenon of Half-Life, still just the story of what the games are all about and turned.

In Half-Life 2 play with Gordon Freeman, he is a professor who did his daily thing until a medical toko in Half-Life 1 turned into a place you'd rather not come. Dive anywhere in the building and so on aliens. Gordon Freeman is changing therefore meaningless to an individual hero. In the first part so he knows the aliens cut at the world was saved. He arrived in a long sleep and was awakened in a strange way, and there begins the game, suddenly in a moving train to City 17.

The reason he was on the train to City 17 was put for his part in an activity. In City 17 is a dictatorship in progress which mankind can really do nothing. Many don't agree and it is up to Gordon to the people to give back what they have long wait for freedom.

Half-Life 2 with the two episodes is a very complete game. Not only the experience is fantastic, the playing is also on the special side. Why is this particular, is relatively easy to explain. Many First Person Shooters are indeed soon to play. A common complaint is that the single's always too short, thinking of Call of Duty 4. But with Half-Life 2 and the two episodes you're up 25 to 35 hour already. It is a bit depending on the difficulty. The total number of hours played is simply quite long, both a First Person Shooter like another game. Prices because of the long play is not the only, there are many more aspects that makes this game so well.

It is perhaps the most important story, it is continuous throughout the entire game in the daylight and made the story so good is because you keep playing the game. As a further additional impetus is that the games end with a cliff-hanger, so you like to start the next episodes. Not only the story is one reason the game to get, the more even the solid gameplay that after several years still stands as a house. So the game has a nice variety so you never bored playing the game is. From shoot-outs to puzzles and vehicle levels. This variation is really the right time every time, as I said boring you, you never in this game and that is surely a plus to mention, you keep playing the game.

What is still to come the strong physics engine the game uses. So you can pick almost any sized objects and use it somewhere above water or access to certain things so you can continue. This is not the only, you use many items for your own benefit and that works well at times to the detriment of the enemy. If you regularly get those annoying drums against which one is explosive stuff. These are often thrown your way through the enemy. You shoot these barrels and they explode. If this be done by the enemy, it is possible that the entire scaffold where they stand as collapsing, and enemies with al this all looks very true to life and fat. While you're in the minority that gives you a good feeling of satisfaction. In a blow off some enemies!

Only good at physics does not stop, so the famous gun-Gravity of the party. This contains not until halfway through the game, then the good gameplay just another extra boost as the experience goes. Playing with this weapon so brings with it many new opportunities that you have that weapon tip of the iceberg when you consider. The gameplay is really fantastic through the proper use of unique weapons and the excellent way the story told. What this whole special is that it still really fat to play, especially when you look at the date of Half-Life 2 actually came out. Good gameplay and a story, that's for sure. However, we also loosely to the other two episodes, and in particular by putting the good aspects, it is also equally important to the other two important aspects to look, the graphics and sound.
First two episodes, two episodes set the story in which it neatly by the previous left off. However I must mention that one episode is not really special. This is played very fast, I was there myself an hour or five doing but it can quickly. Also, despite the story, it offered not particularly innovative features making it a case of continue where the original was so good, better said: "More of the same". Episode 2 is much better and longer. So I noticed after playing the original and the first episode, the one on the one focused, action and the episode on the story. Nothing wrong with that, but episode two both know this combination for an optimal experience. This is also the last of what Half-Life in The Orange Box is playing, so you can see right as a strong and good temporary valve.
Overall the gameplay is very good shape and offers you a fantastic experience thanks to the tall tale. However, there is something disturbing to me. The graphics are clearly outdated and it is unfortunate that this is not what Valve has more polished. It looks nice in itself, Half-Life 2. Episode one is a lot better and the last episode, episode two is graphically the best of the three. You can clearly see that you're dealing with a graphical progress through the years.
Nevertheless, the game is to do good, it had only been improved. Now I really bother me, frame drops. There is much speculation about this and I can tell you that the game does not particularly know. On the PS3 it because I very rarely encountered. But once you have a frame drop or is it a good. This can be very distracting during the action and hopefully this is polished by a patch.
What is also very annoying, is the frequent occurrence of load times between levels but also when you die, you reload that quickly takes twenty seconds. This is so much to you, you'll resent the many prevention. The sound however is again very strong. during the game to get different characters, many say all their own thing is not really very special. What is just as well, is that these people all really sound different. You will not at all different characters are voiced by the same voice actor. Enough variation in the voice-acts here is what good comes out of the paint, they also have good levels. As the sound again gives the music an extra. Again good alternation between what the music sounds really relaxed and above all fits very well with the game. In terms of sound there is so little to say except that it was very well put together.

I can basically a relatively short conclusion about Half-Life 2 and episodes. Just go out! Yet I will explain everything as well. Graphics not quite up to date more especially for Half-Life 2, the original, money and the annoying but rare frame drops. The sounds is very good contrast as well as the gameplay still stands as a house. The story well put together makes it complete. To speak to you only for The Orange Box Half-Life 2 pick and I think that says more than enough. Yet as we look further, to what the package offers us even more, starting with Portal.

With the door down to business, Portal genius sticks together. Through the years I have played many puzzle games, from crap to very good and downright ingenious. Portal do this to beat despite playing far too short. Portal precisely what is so strong the ever increasing difficulty. The entire game to get increasingly difficult and complex puzzles are what you will do after considerable thought. Before going deeper into the puzzles themselves go, let us first look at what the intention of this game.
You wake up in a room of a huge complex with just white walls. You will be assisted by a voice through the speakers in the room well be heard. This voice is a computer which the sentences are not really smooth sound. Regularly placed the wrong emphasis and voice to make the courses which sounds weird to ridiculous. This seems a drawback, at least in the way described. But the atmosphere is so unique that this portal is perfectly fit. This is yet another reason to sound a general review of The Orange Box to set very high. This unique atmosphere is due to include the sound but also by the structure. The levels are mostly white hospital with occasional gray parts. It looks stylish but it is also proof of simplicity in the graphics. Nowhere is your mouth open graphic highlights. To briefly summarize, it looks from all but basic.

Portal is a game that you play as a first person shooter. Gradually you get a weapon in your hands pressed on what seems the gravity gun. This weapon is unique in its kind, a real weapon you can not call because the total is not detrimental but rather a useful extra. Also necessary for the puzzles. You can shoot two times. By shooting the wall, floor or wherever you create a hole where you can jump, shoot the second one provides output. So you can teleport through this gun. In the beginning you a simple piece of bridge but as you progress, as already indicated, the puzzles are so complex that you very well and should give consideration to the portals must fit properly. To have anything worse, towards the end you get the necessary turrets shoot at you if you mess not careful. These are only off by clever use of your surroundings.

Portal What really makes good design is very simple but very clever implementation. This is what you can put the puzzles are very logical so you never long and you stuck with a nice pace through the game going. Then what a pity is that Portal is a very short game. The experienced gamer will be two or one hours to go through and that is something that almost never occurs today. Worse still, you want after the play. Portal is Still a special experience and as my colleague Kahumadante recently expressed: "These basic principles of a very ingenious Portal experience, not something you quickly see other games back. Portal is a high intelligent game."

Portal is a unique and original game based on very simple data one game makes you a unique experience which gives you after the play more like. Graphic special but not a stylish game. The sound that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the game. Portal is a unique experience that will stay with you a long time despite the very short running time.
Team Fortress 2
Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two, Portal. All games are really purely singleplayer. In order to complete The Orange Box Team Fortress 2 transmitter is included in the package to an online experience to add to the package. Team Fortress 2 is a blast online game like Portal excels in the stylish design. So this game has a cartoon look that fits in very well. A number of characters you can choose from that are all "over the top" characters so you immediately notice that this game is not the most serious shooter in the world of first person shooters.

Let us start at the beginning. Before you start popping, you first choose one of the characters. These are divided into classes. If you have a choice of nine classes. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to a team being a good mix of characters to choose the goals to complete. What this game special is that the nine classes are divided into three general classes. There is a defensive group of characters, an offensive and supportive. Anyone who chooses a character will gradually into other characters in the same general class when adding the group, especially the defensive defending certain point, the other groups do the opposite and thus become a good balance between the characters created.

Team Fortress 2 is laughable, this is the graphics. So it seems like you've arrived in a cartoon, which in carrying on the older gamer appears to be. Every character looks unique and funny, while playing the animations look pretty good and smooth. The level design, the game has six maps, each is separate. So know the maps enough variety and they look beautiful, again by the cartoony graphics. Team Fortress 2 is perhaps the most beautiful graphics of the entire package. The sound is perhaps slightly stronger than the graphics. The characters all know their own observations that may sound ridiculous and perfectly in the overall atmosphere of the game fit.
What a pity is that the six maps all know their own game mode. Really great choice for a map to choose their own mode is not. Moreover, six maps is not exactly extensive. The possible course for the game later to support the game with downloadable maps and more opportunities to give through a patch or an update. The game is fun in its present form but I still have missed opportunities to set the other online shooters do have. Nevertheless, Team Fortress 2 a very fun and beautiful game that also in the sound good at scoring. The last game that we treat from The Orange Box. Now is the time for an overall conclusion.

The Orange Box is a very complete package you bid and five games for the price of one game. A better deal in game land we know as far as I know. Half-Life 2 is a game you should play, despite the occasional frame drops. Portal is in itself a unique experience but very short, Team Fortress 2 is playable however indefinitely but back to the lean side as we look at the number of maps. Nevertheless, any game worth playing and you must load times in Half-Life 2 and Portal occur mostly take for granted. All in all, this package is very complete and will be properly spent for everything from whole to play again, just get the orange box!

Graphics 8
Gameplay 9
Sound 9
Replay 8.5
Overall 9.0

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