Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Mass Effect PC review 9.5

One of the best RPGs of the year. This game is incredibly imersive. There is a long deep main story line that really keeps the game moving along and tons of side quests to bring the universe to life. With any RPG its the details that kill games. Not Mass Effect. The developers focused on every aspect of the game play and really polished it to a high shine. The biggest downfall is that it was developed for the Xbox and so the graphics aren't as good as you would expect from a game this incredible well put together.

Battle Scenes:
Overall the scenes are a lot of fun. there are so many different ways to approach battle that its hard to get bored too quickly. The two problems I had were first in all the side quests the building layouts are incredibly repetitive. Its almost exactly the same except that furniture has been moved around. Second the AI can be a bit annoying and aggressive. The easiest tactic to win any battle is to sit back and wait for them to come to you. That's fine and all but i expect more out of my battles then sniper frag fests.

Side Quests:
there are tons of side quests and tons of places to explore. the side quests even intermingle among one another and some of the moral choices are very ambiguous making the decisions you make much much more interesting. The only problem is that unless your physically writing down where you have explored you often get confused and end up revisiting the same planets over and over again.

Main Story:
The funny thing is for the most part I completely ignored the main story line and just had fun traveling the universe and doing side quests but when you get bored its always fun to go back and continue along the main story line

Unit Selection:
This has got to be the most annoying thing about the game. I tend to choose two people for every single mission. I wish it was somehow more interactive and more were each member is needed for different kinds of missions.

My biggest sore point with the game. There are some very pretty scenes but for the most part things can get a little bland and blocky.

Copyright protection:
Beware this game is highly encrypted and requires a internet connection to work. Also i have heard endless horror stories about EA's customer support.

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