Friday, November 19, 2004

Rayging Blue & Idinaloq: Excellent freeware games

Today is the first full day of Thanksgiving Break. I went to WITC around 2PM so that I could get some extra credit. Anyways I wanted to download some interesting shooting games that I found about at I have been interested in Radiant Silvergun and Radiant Slivergun 2: Ikaruga that I wanted more of it. I played a freeware game long time ago called Dieslave. It is very similar to Ikaruga. You can see Radiant Silvergun 2 under Gamecube at my game collection entry. It is a 2D shooter

I found some pretty cool Japanese freeware games that do this as well The most awesome is a hard to find zip file – I found it though. It took me 40 minutes.

First I like to mention Rayging Blue. It supports as good of graphics as Radiant Silvergun. There is no option to raise to resolution. It supports loads of intense action . It comes with more than 3 levels. A midi soundtrack that is above average and control is simple. You use the arrows to control the ship and the Z and X button to use the primary and secondary weapon you obtain by collecting power ups that you get by shooting enemies.

I think the graphics are very good for a freeware game of this type. Easily a 32-bit game. Not a 16-bit game. The techno in the game takes some getting use too.

Graphics 9 (as good as it gets with a freeware game these days)
Sound 8
Gameplay 9.5
Replay Value 7

One last thing....Rayging Blue II is confirmed to be released in January 2005 and this address will have it when it is. Find this game at

The second is Idinaloq. It's developer is much like Treasure and it's name is Namikaze Project. The game was released in 2000 as shareware, however, now the game is free. It comes with an optional MPEG intro video and ending video (credits) I could not get the game to work if the movie was placed in the Mov folder in the game folder. The game is low-res 3D. The game has more detail than other freeware titles that do the same thing. This game looks 32-bit too. played it – it plays good. It looks slightly better than Rayging Blue Download address:

I do not think this is shall be compared to a retail game. This game doesn’t have the level of quality of graphics or the game play. The sound is a little tricky. It averages about the same as a typical SNES RPG.

Graphics 8.5
Sound 8
Gameplay 9.5
Replay Value 7

Find this game at

I also have even stranger Japanese games. One is called Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The other is Perfect Cherry Blossom. Both are so damn weird, that I won’t play them. Both games are translated into English from Japanese. Game play is at the level of Rayging Blue in terms of fun. It is made by Shanghai Alice, a shareware independent developer. If you're absolutely obsessed with shooting games – download these two.

To download these games:
1.) Go to
2.) Type in Shanghai Alice
3.) hit the top link but translate it with the translate option.

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