Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Half-life 2 aftermath"

I have bought this game and later today after school I will play to give a review. At Wal-mart there was a shelf full of 3 box art (same game) One was Gordan Freeman. Another was the girl, and the 3rd was "The Old Guy"

I waited a long time to get this game. There is also a Platium edition where you get Half-life 1 - Source. Counter Stirke - Source, Half-life 2, and a free T-shirt for 70 dollars. Best Buy has that deal. Actually I drove into Hudson and there were few cars out. I didn't hit any deer when I got back. You also see my "legal" copy of Halo 2! It is unopened. I didnt' buy it the first day like Half-life 2, like I said I got it at Game Stop the day after the store sold 500 copies the first day.

Shall I play the PC game or the Xbox game....decisions.....hmm.......

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