Friday, November 12, 2004

Interesting "Sega Xenon" Rumors

I read some rumors that Microsoft was going to buy Sega so that Microsoft Xenon could sell in countries where Xbox is 1%. Sega actually did better in these parts of the world than Microsoft did. These countries are also heavily pirate software areas of the world and it's hard to copy games for Xbox unlike Playstation 2. The idea is Sega will have their logo on the next generation console where Xbox wouldn't have a chance of selling. It goes way back when Atari was about to manufacture the NES under the name of "Atari Famicom" here in the US, but they didn't want too so it became the Nintendo Entertainment System. Big mistake for Atari. LOL Atari Jaguar was a big flop. No one remembers Jaguar. I've seen one though up close and touched the packaging box. :)

Sega was bought out by Sammy Corp of Japan as of 2003. Sammy makes a lot of arcade games. The most noticeable is Guilty Gear X. It's odd because although they are together, Sammy allows Sega to release all the North American and European games under SEGA. Microsoft would either have to buy Sammy Corporation or give them an offer they couldn't refuse.

I have a feeling that when Sega wanted to survive and went 3rd party - there might be a possibility that Nintendo will also go 3rd party and when they do - Microsoft can give them an offer again. Keep in mind - Sega wasn't making a profit and went bankrupt - declaring bankruptcy. Sammy bought out Sega one year after 'software only Sega' was officially started. Media companies merge all the time. Think AOL/Time Warner or Squaresoft and Enix.

Sega officially announcing the "SEGA Xbox Xenon" has a nice ring to it. ....with 80% of the software revenues going to Microsoft. It would be nice if we saw Virtua Fighter 5 or 6 on Xbox Xenon.

Lets say it were true. Microsoft contracts with Sammy Corp so it can be labeled Sega Xbox Xenon in Asia, Japan, Africa, and South America. Microsoft Xbox Xenon in North America, Europe, and Australia. All the little islands are contracted under the correct regions. It could go a step further calling the Sega versions "Dreamcast 2s" with an addition of a second laser in the dvd drive so it could read Dreamcast games. Dreamcast games are GDROMS but I techicially there could be dual lazers where one would read GDs and the other reads HD-DVDs, DVDs, CDs. I don't now if Dreamcast can be emulated or not. Chankast is supposed to do this on Windows XP so I guess it is possible. This way there would be nothing besides the software and the GD-ROM laser which would mechanically move 5 degrees that would be added to the Microsoft Xenon so it would be backwards compatible with Dreamcast games.

Check out and see what I mean.

Microsoft buying Sega is really dumb. Sega already made good games on Xbox. If Microsoft want's a particular game that badly, they can publish it. It's a hell a lot cheaper than buying Sega as a whole.

May I add one more thing about this.... IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! EVER!!!!

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