Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm officially 20!

Woke up at 11 am and my cousin had his confirmation which I’d skipped. I slept in for a long time until 12:30. Then I went down in my ‘other’ room and did the usual. Then I stayed up until 1am watching John Carpenter’s The Thing, Halloween, and Van Heising. I was very surprised that Mom wanted 4 movies instead of one. Mom also bought got Independence Day and The Exorcist. I picked Independence Day because I liked that movie. The Thing remake was probably the scariest movie ever made, but when you’d played all 5 Resident Evil games - you’re a little more used to the gore thus being less scared when certain scenes pop up. The scariest scene had to be at the beginning when the mutant husky was really an alien spider, and (like Alien) it came out of the dog’s body in a gory way – testacies, blood, mutant guts. Near the end of the film, there was a head within head scene – they’ve been doing that forever. It’s not very original now-a-days although this film has been made 20 years ago and didn’t keep it from scaring me at the beginning – before I was expecting testicles to shoot out of the dog’s body and the dog to turn into a monster… The other John Carpenter film, Halloween, was less scary. Van Heising is as much a fantasy as a horror film – did not anticipate and it was PG-13 so nothing about it was scary unlike Halloween and The Thing.

What changed between last year and this year? Well, I have a more powerful pc, new Xbox, a slightly used PS2, a slightly used Genesis, slightly used SNES, slightly used NES and more importantly added approximately 100 games in my collection. During this time, I haven’t bought 1 music album. I successfully completed 4 college courses towards my degree in “CNAA Industrial Networking”. I kept the same number of friends for 2 years – no more, no less. My MP3 collection grown to 11 Gigabytes! The MP3 player I got 2 years ago recorded Music Choice stations off DirecTV and contributed about 8% of that. Most importantly I am the happiest I ever was in 2 years.

My black cat got sick and started puking up mucus on Saturday. Onyx is 16 years old. The vet’s office was closed. I was hoping that it wasn’t his last days with us. Our dog, Ruby, is 10 and she’s got arthritis in her hip and it’s hard to go up and down the stairs. I just shoved down a puke pill down the cat’s throat, and hoping it makes him feel better. Amimal’s die sooner or later….although Onyx was the first cat our family had which wasn’t mean. Boo was an angry cat with a temper that hissed at Mom and Dad. Never remember him since I was 2 at the time. My family doesn’t miss him one bit. I don’t remember him at all because he died in 1986. I’m 20 today and that cat’s still hanging around – amazing isn’t it? I was trying to get Iris to be a lap cat, but she’s still too anxious. Her brother, Ambrious, is a much better lap cat. He plays with his water dish and splashes water all over. He’s also very hungry cat – stealing food at the first opportunity. That really pisses my mom off. The two kittens got “fixed” today. They are always together and Iris more than likely would have kittens soon. Don’t tell me how we got Ambrious….his name should have been Garfield. LOL

I bought a Gameboy Player for the Gamecube two days ago. I have 5 GBA games and I don’t play them, so it adds GBA functionality to the Gamecube. I thought it was a emulator too, but it’s actual Gameboy Advance hardware that uses Gamecube’s RCA input adapter and Gamecube controller to play. I almost regret buying it, though I wish I had found my copy of Mario Kart Super Circuit – that was my favorite GBA game. Would have had been a blast to play on the TV. Mario Kart Super Circuit had all the Super Mario Kart tracks after I’ve beaten all the tricks on all settings in 1st place. It’s fun shooting Nintendo characters with shells. I need to get a new RCA adapter since the old one is showing lines and it would be nice to get rid of them.

Nintendo Dual Screen comes out at the end of this month. No doubt in my mind, Nintendo will soon release a Gamecube peripheral that replaces the Gameboy Player. Perhaps the new peripheral will be called DS player? It’s confirmed that DS will be backwards compatible with GBA games, but not GBC games. In a sense, Nintendo has 6 products out: Gamecube, Dual Screen, GBA, GBA SP, Gameboy Player, and those new Pokemon Game&Watches. So I have 4 of the 6. Shall I buy a Dual screen or not? Nope. However, I might buy a DS Player when it comes out for Gamecube.

You know, I can’t really seem to figure out how to make my blog more interesting. My blog is very opinionated I know. I don’t see my blog as being so negative. Every reader should enjoy reading videogames. It’s not only a kid’s play thing like it used to be so come on. Remember back on those three “Generations 1985 – 2001” posts. I mean I wrote 22 pages in word for that. Part 1 is a refined version of my “Console Wars” page. Those did very well getting over 140 views each.

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At 8:30 pm, my dad finally got home and I got $220 spending cash in an envelope. I don’t know what I want to spend it on though. I am going to try to stay away from videogames. It would be enough to buy a Nintendo DS. I probably will wait and see if my PS2 is going break so than I can buy a new one right away! I much rather use the money next year on a next generation console.

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