Saturday, November 06, 2004

I bought GTA San Andreas bought yesterday!

Yep! I finally got the 5th Grand Theft Auto game for PS2 two days ago. Its full name doesn’t need introducing. I haven’t played it yet though. It’s supposed to surpass GTA: Vice City in all levels including city size. I used my birthday money on it. This makes 53 PS2 game cases. The 53rd game I bought yesterday. No one can come over so I can have a partner to share it with. I am all alone in my room. Then you ask, “Why don’t you do something else?” It’s very hard too if there isn’t anybody around here that you’d really know after high school which makes life in the basement a little crazier.

You control mouse "In Air"

I found out some interesting news everyone about next generation of mice. Gyration has this patented technology with mice that you hold and move, not move on the desk. The user holds the mouse and it uses wireless technology (radio frequency) to transmit the single off the TV back to it so the pointer on the screen moves as much as how far you move the “dual-axis consumer gyroscope.” Yes, it’s a mouse “in air™” – also called a gyroscope. Now Nintendo is going to use some type of gyroscope in the controller for the “NES5” or Nintendo Revolution. The NES4 was Nintendo Dolphin and soon changed its name to Nintendo Gamecube. I could picture a gyroscope being used in place of one joystick in my head, but all controllers with the current consoles have 2. It’s extremely hard to picture it as a game controller. The “Ultra GT Mouse” manufactured by Gyration uses a low-cost Gyroscope called the “MicroGyro 100”, and retails for 80 dollars. That’s cheap for this technology, but game controllers shouldn’t be any more than 30 dollars.

Here are some names I thought up for Revolution

Gamecube 2 or GC2 or Cube2
Nintendo 256 or N256
Nintendo Dolphin? AKA also Gamecube’s code name
Nintendo isphere

This just in Revolution games will use Blu-ray mini-discs, but will also feature a normal dvd drive. This feature came straight out of the Panasonic Q which is a DVD/videogame machine in Japan that plays all Gamecube software.

If you haven’t noticed – there is basically the same stuff on all message boards that have the same topic – little originality. Few times – you’ll get something that hasn’t been said before. It’s really not my thing. And if the content is more right than someone else, it doesn’t take long for the new true content to hit other forums. I only added one comment on IGN Boards, which has some of the largest gaming boards on the Internet, next to and

I had this hilarious conversation on IRC chat at At first no ones talking okay because nobody was driving the conversation until I come along.

No one is talking about games on the #games channel until:
I start saying, “Xbox sucks”
Then someone replies, “No it doesn’t.”
Then I say, “Yes it does”
Then someone says Xbox has the best graphics.
I say, “No it doesn’t.
Then, I start saying, “Microsoft sucks”
Then someone says, “I like Microsoft”
Then I say “Windows 3.1 sucks. Windows 95 sucks. Windows 98 sucks. Windows 2000 sucks. Windows XP sucks” so Microsoft sucks.
They tell me to shut up.
Then I bring out the big guns and say, “PS2 rules because it has San Andreas and Devil May Cry and Gran Turismo 3!”
Then someone says, “I agree with you – “Xbox sucks”
Then I say, “Good”
The conversation than died.

This discussion turned out positive because I truly made the choices before in earlier forums, and I know what I’m talking about – plus most gamers who read the forums knows San Andreas is the most highly anticipated game for PS2. I was thinking that the game is too anticipated, but it’s hyped up because it’s nearly perfect on every level. I can’t believe that people want to run a small gang in the early 90s. The game soundtrack has real artists like 2Pac, Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Coolio. 2Pac’s most popular track was “Changes” which is in the game. I am not a big rap fan, but in high school a lot of people loved 2PAC. My old friend, Chuck, liked him too. He was shot down by a moving car while walking on the street in real life in 1996. The game manual has a lot of naughty stuff in it too.

I just got Guilty Gear X CD at Game Stop yesterday. Rip off yes, but where around here am I going to have another chance at owning Guilty Gear X? I sort-a solved the problem by printing out the front and back covers from a website. At, Gamestop, the store person said it was very hard to come by. Guilty Gear X2 is even harder to come by. The reason why is the game is very nice high resolution 2D fighter with solid game play mechanics. The Xbox version was released mid-September and is by far the most abundant version of Guilty Gear X2. Guilty Gear X series has the best graphics of any 2D fighter out which is why it stands out. The textures are crisp unlike 32-bit version of Street Fighter or King of Fighters. The DC version of Guilty Gear X also was above the rest – prettier than Street Fighter Alpha 3 on Dreamcast. The Dreamcast version of the Guilty Gear X is harder to find than the PS2 version. I own the PS2 version. I am sure that my next PS2 game will be Guilty Gear Isuka.

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