Saturday, June 09, 2007

??? talented or untalented: that is the question?

Sorry, with so much school going on…it was IMPOSSIBLE to write something on my blog. I got the game collection…I don’t need low grades. So anyways, I read The Giver by Lois Lowry, and got either 80% or 100% on the discussions…I can post them if you would like. Other then my fascination with Scott Daylor’s (appeared on Catharton as Phantasystar77) blog, nothing is that new. I opened my Wii, and played Super Paper Mario once two weeks ago. I visited Eagle scout Rance Rutherford and played Urban Crisis with him at his apartment. His Apartment is very messy, and is in a business building. He drives a Jeep Cherokee too so he must be republican too! It’s an American stereotype that republicans drive Jeeps. He owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle too. Rance is nice about his superior intellectional skills, but I hardly know him, and I know I can’t act like a genius nor a fucking asshole anymore. I try to be a very smart in front of him, but doesn’t work even when I say rance are, because he’s an eagle scout, and I wrote 23 pgs of shit on my resume and it worked three times for three jobs! I was a Life scout myself, before I quit. I quit because Boy Scouts are not mainstream…they’re dorks. On paper, it only matters if you’re Eagle scout which I aint.

Another thing is this Mainstream thinking [well maybe it’s 4 months dated] that Wii is good and PS3 and Xbox 360 are bad. The Wiimote is the fad, and PS3 is only a PS2 with better graphics. So I buy a Wii after the two ps3s [I hate to give away my stuff, period] and a xbox 360, because that was suppose to be incredible to some people in 2005. So I buy everything under the sun including Forza Motorsport 2? That makes me mainstream, right? Almost. Ps2 is outselling Wii, and that’s 121 titles, okay? And I got the recent hits, God of War II, Rogue Galaxy, Odin Sphere. I just started Rogue Galaxy and it plays so much like Star Ocean 3 Till the End of Time. So I’m waiting for action replay for some cheat codes so I can finish it at the same time as other people. I also downloaded max files of FF12 and Star Ocean Till the End of Time off gamefaqs so I can play the ending. It won’t matter anyways, because I’m casual, and I can play it a 2nd time if I do feel like it later. I’m actually waiting for Datel to make Action Replay for PS3 and Wii now.

I confess, the SNES and Genesis was the wrong decision despite what the Gamespot reader reviews scores say about it's best games. You know despite what people say, it’s more intelligent to collect far less for each of multiple consoles than it is to collect on just one platform. This prevents me from being a fanboy of one manufacture and buying 7.5 titles because I own all the good 8s or 9s.

Life is interesting. I actually get away with whichever mood, gester, and sentence I speak and my meds i'm on are keeping me from paranoid. I don’t get thrown in jail nor punched in the face. I’m a big guy..6 feet and 200 lbs. The fact I was with 10 talented city teens for 4 yrs in Moundsview than they stopped seeing me after I chose to be in River Falls, Wi. I still am fucking hearing voices. These voices tell me I was talented back then and am no longer talented when I left Calvin Academy actually. They were very similar to the Minnesota Life adults who have superior intelligence that I also had a chance at living at. I chose Rasmussen though, because I want to be a IT Guy despite if I’m untalented and normal. They were, they knew they weren’t in popular culture/liberal/secular progressive in the way the high school athletes had all the hot girlfriends, dressed mainstream looking, and listened to their KDWB hiphop station, due to some medical issues like Cerebral palsy or autism or half-autism or ADHD. I was elected to be on the “class King” competition in 1999, but it was staged event…right before I left St. Croix Central for the 2nd time for Calvin. I still never tell people I look at nude women when I’m’s not important.

And I promise to take a picture of my handheld collection, my PC collection, and all the Fifty-third update games again to prove everything on the list is legit or pirated legit in the case of pc titles.

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