Monday, May 28, 2007

In Europe, Marijuana smokers too high to commit crime

I heard that canvas decreases crime, but there is no political defense once made legal; therefore, is made illegal. Rep Ron Paul and Gov Gary Johnson, Republican-Libertarians, want to make only Marijuana legal, to decrease crime and empty our overcrowded prisons. Legalized marijuana works in San Francisco so far.

Marijuana is far less toxic and less addictive than alcohol. Long-term marijuana use is far less damaging than long-term alcohol use.Alcohol use contributes to aggressive behavior and acts of violence, whereas marijuana use reduces the likelihood of violent behavior.Alcohol use is highly associated with violent crime, whereas marijuana use is not. Alcohol use contributes to the likelihood of domestic violence and sexual assault and marijuana use does not. Alcohol use is prevalent in cases of sexual assault and date rape, whereas marijuana use is not considered a contributing factor in cases of sexual assault and date rape. Alcohol use contributes to reckless behavior and serious injuries, and it is highly associated with emergency room visits, whereas marijuana use does not contribute to such behavior and injuries, and is seldomly associated with emergency room visits.

I agree that the police comes to your locker in high school upon possession, because you're under 21 like alcohol for minors! It can't be smoked on campus either, because of second-hand smoke with non-smokers.

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