Sunday, May 20, 2007

IS PS3 the most important gadget since TV!

Ever since PS3 got the Cell Broadband Engine (the reason why IBM makes more than Intel) and Blu-ray all in one for less than a normal BD Player....makes it a High Def VCR for your TV. You know since VCR was the biggest thing since TV back in 1986. That was just to warm up!

I am smart because I'm getting a 88% in Writing class. Videogames are becoming a little stupid. I am the only person buying games for me. I played F1, and Super Paper Mario today, but it wasn't all that fun. Maybe it's due to the fact that I had a load of homework yesterday, and today, when I had free time, my parents had computer issues and it took up all my forum time on ps3forums.

The people at neon cherry really suck. I'm going to quit. They're so anti-current gen. They're no fun to talk too. The admin there want to ask me why i shelf games so they can tair my ego down. Damn her. Fuck her. I go on PS3 forums, but I could say . I just don't play them, because there are to many videogames to review since no body else will do it for me. Assholes.

And I wonder why I can't say motherfucker in public? Can't I like say something tothem cowards deserve W/O getting punched or killed. I just said's easy.

I'm going to fucking playderise.

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