Sunday, May 06, 2007

I know what you don't! Hehe

IBM made a breakthrough in how CPUs are made by drilling micro holes into the Cell Broadband Engine using state-of-the-art nano technology and update each SPE to 2 MB L2 cache instead of 512 KB. It makes the Cell 33% faster and run a lot cooler (because it runs cooler it runs 33% to 66% faster.) Now the Cell can be clocked up to 4 GHz. That's what PS4 will have and be backwards compatible with PS3. It'll also have a Nvidia G91 GPU d if PS4 comes out in 2011. The G80 was promised for PS3 before it came out. By then the Emotion Engine will be entirely emulated because all PAL models will have PS2 emulation on PS3. That's Europe fault for not buying the current $500 model. Thanks to them, it doesn't exist anymore. I also here the PS3 is going to drop price to $425 at the end of the year.

For your information....I always complete all my homework from college before the due date.

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