Monday, June 18, 2007

Dream Job

This is my dream job that a network specialist person like me aims for…the higher level of excellence of network specialist I thought it would be. Right now I’m working at an excellent job. I would like to be networking a super computer like Blue Gene L for someone. First off, I would be networking the US Department of Energy or Defense systems at North American Aerospace Defense Command in Cheyenne Mountain by having a Cisco Certified Network Professional certification and making $40 an hour someday. I have an idea that I’m suppose to place network of fiber optic cables to and from the super computer. I could also want to control MPEG4 Advanced Video Coding (codec, not abbreviation), streams coming in and out, because in my opinion compression is neat. Maybe I could be working in the space control center or the command center. I could be one of the 1,100 military and civilian personnel working in it.

I know supercomputers have virtual on-the-fly efx3 file system compression or NT (NT is NT, not abbreviated) File System compression depending if it’s UNIX (not Abbreviated) or Windows, MPEG4 (codec, not abbreviation), JPEG2000 (codec, not abbreviated), monochrome Institute of Electronically and Electronic Engineers video standard.

However, I liked the idea I was in a tape library room at Assurant that is similar to a super computer. State-of-the-art tape drives held 2 Terabyte when virtually compressed and had a physical size of 1 Terabyte. Most of the obsolete tape drives held a couple Gigabyte and were thrown away. That was only eight months ago and the first PC type Serial-ATA (ATA isn’t abbreviation) 1 Terabyte Desktop hard drive came out last month for $750.

So I would like to network with a Cisco Certified Network Professional degree and be in charge of compressing all the stuff in MPEG4 AVC (codec, not abbreviation) for people even if it has nothing to do with Cisco Certified Network Professional.

If I choose web designer, I would like to be able to summit my design to a big company such as right now I’m doing an online store for PC Network Services. My videogame pages weren’t hugely complex nor popular so I thought webpage making as a hobby.