Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Giver - Sameness

If we were all the same there would be no wars unless there was a resistance of anti-sameness citizens. Everybody would watch the same sports, go to selected vacations by the giver, and have stupid ceremonies where the parents say the newchild's name 30 times when their first baby dies by falling into river. I wouldn't be proud of my accomplishments, because job pay would be the same as most people in my occupation. There would be no military superpower like USA. There would be no 33 people died at Virginia Tech because of a Chinese physco's shooting-spree. There would be no Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Fusion or fission bombs would be unlikely. What is wrong with The Giver is every time Jonas stares up in the sky and see a military fighter jet...People think there may war in the past or present. These citizens take every jet seriously. Everybody would play the same non-violent videogames, and the only R movies would be comedy, action and drama. No crime-drama, war-flick, horror, porn-flicks or anime in case of Giver's world. All the Marvel Comics in stock are the 1950-1960s cloned versions where everything is pro-superhero. Bad guy always looses. None of the cars would have chrome and all the pickups would be generic w/o luxury. A world-wide plague would be very unlikely.

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