Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too Poor for Ebay

I paid too much money offline for JRPGs, and my parents refuse to use Paypal, because I can't put my bank account number on the internet despite I'm 22. I would put too much money into Ebay, that I couldn't pay for other things. My parents dislike virtual money and don't want to get into internet fraud. I'd feel funny asking my Uncle Jim to buy me Valkyrie Profile.

Games I paid too much for:
* by the ones I own
** Own for PSP


* Grandia: Offline $50 | Ebay: $30
* Lunar the Silver Star Story Complete Offline $70 |Ebay $30
* Lunar Eternal Blue Complete Offline $60 | ebay $40
** Valykie Profile Offline $120 |Ebay $50 (own for PSP)
** Tales of Destiny 2 (Tales of eternia) Offline $80 |Ebay $35 (own it for PSP)
* Alundra | Offline $50 offline | Ebay $40
* Brave Fencer Musashi Offline $50 | Ebay $30
* Persona 2 offline $50 |ebay $30
*Arc the Lad Collection offline $110 |I paid $40 | ebay $40


Panzer Dragoon Saga $180 | ebay $80
Dragon Force offline $100 | ebay $50
Shining Force III Disc 1 $130 |ebay $50
Guardian Heroes | offline $100 |Ebay $40

I'm unemployed again [for 2 weeks minimum], because the website server isn't working at Computer Network Services. I add products to a online store for them. I also was hoping to install Suse 10.2 Rieser file system over a corrupted EXT2 partition so I may install Fedora Linux 7 again for their Fedora Directory Server. It's not guaranteed to work, and I would be unpaid.

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