Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Giver: Ceremonies

I graduated from conformation at Redeemer Lutheran Church. I was also baptized at a Lutheran church. Today, my religious beliefs are bare minimal. In elementary school, every classmate worked on their project to science fair held in the Gym. I never was awarded the blue ribbon, because my ribbon was white. I didn't try hard enough. Our family celebrates Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Xmas, but those are national holidays as well as Christian holidays. Of those four holidays, we don't go to church for any of them. It is difficult to describe how ceremonies are different in each culture, because Atheists like to adopt Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween for unique characteristics respectfully. Everybody gets cake and presents for their birthdays. Every elementary student is involved in school ceremonies including graduation, science fair; a small percentage who play in band are a part of homecoming twice [one for football and the other for basketball] and Christmas band concerts. In elementary school, A-honor role students ceremonies went on special field trip. Other school ceremonies are Christmas band concert, and homecoming football game held at night. The Jewish are known to have 24 more holidays than Christians holidays. Muslims have a lot more ceremonies than Christians and Lutherans. The Super Bowl a national ceremony in that 150,000,000 viewers watch the game on TV and eat junk food. Also since NASCAR is the 2nd hottest spectator sport, 1/3 of US households watch the Daytona 500 Sunday and eat junk food and watch cars go around in circles counterclockwise as the announcer names the places and gives history.

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