Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Giver - Family

Jonas family seems somewhat like Rick Deckard's world as a Blade Runner (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083658/) and a version of socialism dating sometime in the last 40 years, because of regular sight of supersonic jets (people are afraid of advancements in jets...less perfect then tried and true turboprop cargo planes .

His dad and mom are nurturers, and Jonas is going to be selected by the Receiver at 12. His sister, Lily, is turning 8 and looses her stuffed elephant. Jona's father speaks to his son of having fun after 12. His family is perfect so Jonas can be selected by the Receiver . Andrei, Jona's friend, talks a lot and confuses his words and is the same age as Jona, but isn't perfect and won't be selected by the "Receiver " (man on the cover). This will lead to Jona screwing up later in the book, because he isn't suppose to see Andrei after 12.
Did anyone know that the movie is coming out this year?

A family can be anything ranging from both parents to single parent and can include faster parents so that love and the ability to help with their son's payments are ethical. My family works and watches movies or Fox News. My mom likes to talk on the phone with her few friends and is short tempered.

I have dna from a Scottish and German family whose parents lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota since birth. My dad's parents moved here from Germany and my Mom's parents were always Scottish dna-wise.

Families are made up of biological parents no matter and sometimes families of adopted kids. That's not any less of a family My cousin Joshua was adopted by my Uncle's daughter, but he wanted to live with his biological dad recently so I don't see him anymore. I didn't see him enough to really like him though.

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