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Wisconsin comes from The Ojibwe word Miskasinsin, meaning "Red-stone place," given to the Wisconsin River. In 1634, Frenchman Jean Nicolet became Wisconsin's first European explorer, landing at Red Banks, near modern day Green Bay in search of a passage to the Orient. The state mineral is lead sulfide reflecting Wisconsin's early mining history. The state's nickname is "the Badger State."

The capital is Madison and the largest city is Milwaukee. Democrats owned the elections in the last five presidential contests. During both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, Wisconsin was considered a "swing" state considering we’re equally split between Democratic and Republican candidates polls.

Known as "America's Dairyland," Wisconsin is also known for cheese. Citizens of Wisconsin are referred to as Wisconsinites. Among non-residents we’re called "Cheeseheads," due to the quality of cheese making in the state. In other words the best cheese comes from Wisconsin cows.

Deer hunting is extremely popular. It’s a sport, but not professional sport. Popular game is the white tail deer which is more populated here than the rest of the country.

The state is bordered by the Montreal River, Lake Superior and Michigan to the north, by Lake Michigan to the east, by Illinois to the south, and by Iowa and Minnesota to the west. Part of the state's boundaries includes the Mississippi River and St. Croix River in the west, and the Menominee River in the northeast.

In the north, the Lake Superior Lowland occupies a belt of land along Lake Superior. Just to the south, the Northern Highland includes the state's highest point, Timms Hill, as well as massive forests and thousands of small glacial lakes. In the middle of the state, the Central Plain possesses some unique sandstone formations like the Dells of the Wisconsin River in addition to rich farmland. The Eastern Ridges and Lowlands region in the southeast is home to many of Wisconsin's largest cities. In the southwest, the Western Upland is a rugged landscape with a mix of forest and farmland.

The state is home to the Green Bay Packers, one of the most successful small-market professional sports franchises in the country. Monday Night Football national broadcasts draw strong ratings during Packers games. Packers suck this year, and the Vikings won the last game! For a moment in the first half Vikings made the Packers look good, but it bit them in the butt winning the game by a long field goal three seconds left in the game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

Wisconsin is known for its beer, bratwursts, cranberries and OzzFest (where Ozzy Osborne, the British lead singer of Black Sabbath makes a camero appearance in Somerset, Wisconsin every year. There is also 93X Fest which is another rock concert in Somerset, Wisconsin.

The racial makeup of the state:

• 87.3% White
• 5.7% Black
• 3.6% Hispanic
• 1.7% Asian
• 0.9% Native American
• 1.2% Mixed race


The Brewers are in the Central Division of the National League and were part of the American League through the 1997 season, after which they switched to the National League.

The team was renamed the Brewers to honor Milwaukee's beer-brewing traditions after being purchased by Bud Selig. The brew team is made up of 32 Americans, 4 Dominicans, 1 Australian, 1 Mexican, 1 Japanese, 1 Venezuelan, and 1 Panamian.

Miller Park opened in 2001 to replace Milwaukee Country Stadium since opening season 1953. Construction cost of MCS was $5 million while Miller Park (Miller Beer owning large interest in the stadium) cost $310 million. Professional sports can use federal money towards building stadiums.


The Green Bay Packers joined the NFL list of teams in 1921 The Packers are currently the only publicly owned professional sports team in the United States. They are apart of the NFC North division of football. The Packers were once known as the Acme Packers (think loony toons in terms of acme). The team’s Uniform colors are dark green, gold, and white. They were NFL champtions on 1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965. Super Bowl champions 1966 (I), 1967(II) and 1996 (XXXI) Typically, a team is owned by one person, partnership, or corporate entity; thus, a "team owner." The Packers fan base is notoriously dedicated: no matter how well the team performs, Lambeau Field has been sold out every game since 1960. The Packers have one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets in professional sports. Head coach is Mike Sherman and most popular football player is quarter back Bret Farve in his 14th year as quarterback. He also lives in Green Bay by the stadium.

Packers fans are commonly known as "cheeseheads," presumably because Wisconsin is known for its cheese production. To poke fun at this nickname, they wear foam triangles made to look like cheese on their heads, which further re-enforces the "cheesehead" designation.


The Major Indoor Soccer League is the only current professional indoor soccer league in the USA. The league is a member of both the United States Soccer Federation and FIFA also known as Major League Soccer.

The Milwaukee Wave are the oldest continuously operating professional soccer team in the United States. The team was founded on August 3, 1984 as a member of the American Indoor Soccer Association and as played in every season and incarnation of that league


The Milwaukee Admirals are an ice hockey team in the American Hockey League. They play in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA at the Bradley Center.

Beginning with the 1973–74 season the Admirals joined the newly formed United States Hockey League. Their first season in a league was not particularly successful as they ended the season in last place in their division. They won only 11 games, lost 35 games, and tied 2 games that season.

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