Monday, October 10, 2005

Emulated Sega CD and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue this morning

I could play Lunar 2 on EPSXE and BIOS on PC just so I can watch the FMV. Meanwhile, I've downloaded the Sega CD version of Lunar 1, Lunar 2, and Shining Force CD and unlike the torrent it never took 1 ½ day to download. Then I found out that MPEG was working on the PS1 emulator so I just stuck in the disc and looked at the intro. Heck, the Sega CD version took less than 30 minutes to download. The Sega CD version of the game was segmented in smaller RAR files and I figured out I had to have all five in the same directory to open it as 1 file. The Sega CD version had stuff on it missing from the Playstation version. I played the game with a Microsoft Sidewinder control pad which looks similar to a Genesis controller.

The graphics look outta date, but the intro of Lunar 2 was kinda interesting. Apparently that one girl from Silver Star was naked in the crystal so I saw that for the first time. Kind of shocking for 5 minutes in the first part of Lunar 2 showing 16-bit PORN! I never seen so many frames in a 16-bit cut scene! This wasn’t possible on Genesis. This game was released again on Sega Saturn for Japan only in 1998 and Playstation in 2000.

I don’t appreciate the 16-bit games now-a-days, now that Xbox 360 is coming out next month. Despite owning Lunar 2 for Playstation I’ve checked out the Sega CD version first. Normally a nostalgic game with cult status such as this would’ve been seen on a modern console.

SEGA CD Title Screen in all it's 16-bit glory.

I can’t post it on Modblog because I might get into trouble. I searched on IGN and the guy gave it 10 out of 10 despite the graphics an 8.0.

Download them here and make sure you’ve got WinRAR or 7ZIP to open them. I used the SEGA CD BIOS and GENS emulator. I don’t have a SEGA CD to play it on and that would require a Genesis ver 2. The game looks best by right clicking Graphics submenu with kreed doing a nice anti-analyzing effect.

Oh yeah, I checked out Far Cry Instincts on xbox is a full quantum leap forward from Lunar 2 graphics wise. Time I thought I catch up to the present day. On Catharton there was a small discussion when all retro games will be available on the internet to download from Nintendo’s commercial service or others that come available.


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