Saturday, October 15, 2005

Listening to N64 (USF) audio for 1st time | Played UT2004 first time in months

I woke up at 4:20 AM and went on my weekly volunteer work at Wikipedia proving Cheeseheads existed before 1990 plus small grammar typos on some videogame entries. Then I went on Catharton and told them I thought Audrey Hepburn was hot. She’s dead now, but that girl had intelligence. After that I decided to frag in UT2004 using keyboard and mouse. I was spacing out during the game because I was missing 50% of the enemy shots with the lightning gun. Can’t wait until UT2007! Whatever happened during my experience doesn’t leave the chair though! My weapon of choice is the flack gun even though the machine gun is the most powerful weapon in UT2004. I retreated into whatever direction the bots weren’t. I agree capture the flag mode was the most fun.

I found a website that has N64 music files in their original sound quality. A Zip containing all audio files is smaller than one 64 kbps MP3 file 1 minute long. To play them you’ll need a Winamp N64 audio plugin or a codec binary for XMMS. The website where there are some rips in zips is USF Central and Zophar's Domain. I’m listening to Goldeneye and Extreme G USFs although I also downloaded the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, and Mario Kart USFs. Goldeneye 007 USFs sound excellent with their lossness compression. The ZIP file gives you all of the music in these games too.

Winamp info window

There is also SNES SPC plugin compatible with Winamp. I have more memory playing N64 games I guess making SNES irrelevant

Anyhow, I’ve had found some SPC archives at Zophar's Domain. I found a lot of music archives of SNES games there. SNESAMP (Minor) for Winamp works with all these files. Download as much as you want there.

Then I proved with screenshots that PS1 games can run in high-resolution via emulator with SuperEagle stretching at 1280x1040 resolution. I play PS1 games on a PS2 all the time. My PSone never is used at all. This is relevant to Playstation 3 since Nintendo Revolution will play N64 games in high-resolution and Sony announced PS3 won’t emulate PS1 therefore it’ll have standard resolutions of 640x480. It was possible of 3D because the all the power was in the 32-bit RISC CPU also in PS2 and PS2 Slim. That means the PS3 will have six CPUs all together as follows 1 IBM Cell, Emotion Engine containing 3 CPUs, 32-bit RISC for PS1 plus the RSX GPU. Isn’t that too many?

The Playstation alternative is called Highly Experimential where you download the Winamp plugin to play PSF files which are smaller than MP3 too. To create PSF files you need a Playstation CD and PSFLAB application. However, almost all PS1 games use ADPCM (lossness wav file compression) to store sound. On a second thought this format won’t help you rip audio files. To rip normal PS audio I use PSX Multi Converter which crashes if not outputted in WAV. The WAV can then be outputted to AAC or MP3 via CDEX or Nero Soundtrax

Today I had nothing better to do than playing more of Lunar 2 via GENS which was the focus of my last entry. I’ve got a game faq running on a 2nd computer so I know precisely what to do, where to go, how to defeat the bosses, etc. Maybe it’s a waste of time since the PS1 version is the same as Sega CD…kind of silly. What I shall do is start playing the PS version because I’m not too far into the game yet.


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