Friday, October 28, 2005

My Birthday present weighed two metric tons!

I am not going to get money for my birthday. Now it’ll be tiny bit harder to buy an Xbox 360. Although I did get a vehicle instead! A gold 2000 Jeep XJ Sport! Yesterday, I was tricked into thinking I was getting my jeep winterized and my father drove me so I couldn’t look at the oil dial and figure it out. He was actually bringing me to my birthday gift! Easily the most expensive one I ever had.

The other one was 11 yrs old and although it had few problems, problems would soon emerge. So now that’s outta my hands, that one will be sold to a new owner.

The 2000 Jeep XJ for an early Birthday present. Turning 21 Nov. 1st. It looks like the one on the front page except its gold instead of white. The inside is digital instead of analog. In the white '95 Cherokee all the engine dials were analog except for the radio. It has 59,000 miles on it. Smells like new which is one trick of the trade of selling an used vehicle.

Because it's newer, the brakes and acceleration grab twice as quickly. Before i got it the washer fluid, engine oil, brake fluids were changed at the Chrysler dealership. The previous owner just happened to be the wife of the dealership president in Hudson, WI. I can’t own it, but I can drive easily. By the time I got off my street, I had the acceleration figured out.

The vehicle has a KENWOOD (nice and expensive) Serris/MP3/WMA/CD/FM/AM radio that reads data CDs and sounds better than before /w build in speakers. I burnt a cd of some rock and trance mp3s to play in it. It must be a 2002 model because it's not on the Kenwood website.

Engine: Chrysler 4.0 L Power Tech I6, 190 hp

We got a good price on it.

About the Engine

The 4.0 L (3956 cc) EPH straight-6 was an evolution of the 258 and 2.5 and appeared in 1987. It had the same 3.88 (98.4 mm) bore as the 2.5 with a longer 3.41 in (86.7 mm) stroke.

Chrysler made an enlarged throttle body, and redesigned the cylinder head for higher flow. The Intake an Exhaust manifolds were also changed for more efficiency, and the fuel injectors were once again replaced with higher flowing units. The camshaft was also changed to a higher lift one. The net result of all these changes was an engine that made 190hp and 225 lbs-ft. of torque. The 4.0 was kept the same until the 1995 model year when small changes were made to the cylinder head. In 1996, the engine block was redesigned, and a new strengthened unit was used. The new block made use of more webbing cast into the block, and a stud girdle for the crankshaft main bearings.

The Cylinder head was also again changed in about 1998, to a lower flowing, but more emissions friendly head.

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My 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0046_zps40f85ea4.jpg The saying goes a Jeep grill is instantly identifiable by people across the world. The most identifiable was Mickey Mouse.

A kenwood MP3 player!
My 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0047_zps86d64730.jpgMy 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0045_zpsa56f01fd.jpgMy 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0044_zps4d0000b8.jpgMy 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0043_zpsb1fa1a3c.jpg
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My 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0042_zps5b86c463.jpgMy 2000 XJ (3/2013) photo DSC_0041_zps20ef23ab.jpg Goes 100 MPH instead of 85 MPH in the last Jeep.
  photo OldwhiteXJ_zpsde944b63.jpg My first car: 1995 White XJ

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