Thursday, October 20, 2005

2018: A Moon Revisited | React OS hands on

Hello again. Today has been the first day (me being slow in the space community) NASA’s article about Apollo 2.0’s mission of a moon landing in 2018 is legit. That’s correct. NASA is enlarging Apollo model 3 times calling their new spacecraft Apollo 2.0 so four astronauts can step on the lunar surface at once instead of two. The astronauts will set up a greenhouse on the surface for experiments such as growing plants on our moon. Otherwise they can survive up to 6 days on liquid oxygen. I imagine high definition photos and movies broadcasted from the lunar surface easily streamed off 20 Megabit broadband in the future. It’s only been 33 yrs since Americans last set foot on the moon.

On Tuesday, I’ve downloaded React OS bundled with Qemu 2.0 emulating it on Windows XP. The mouse cursor moves about the desktop quickly and the latency for opening directories is 2 seconds. The problem about ReAct OS is the file system is a ROM image file accessible only through Qemu. Unfortunately, I couldn’t mount the DVD-ROM or hard drive in DOS so I could run executables.

ReAct OS currently doesn’t do anything other than read directories and files from the command prompt and Explorer. It doesn’t recognize my CD-ROM yet although emulation could interfere. It’s clear that WINE source code was used to run *.exe in it.

C Drive ROM

The Microsoft Windows Start menu

MS-DOS in the background /w DIR command working and Run window in the foreground doing shit for commands

It says Wine team in it.

Emulating the TOS 2.0 operating system with an Atari ST emulator was a previous experience of mine mounting my HDD in place of Atari ST’s hard drive. Point taken that React OS hard drive detection should’ve been functional, but wasn’t. TOS 2.0 only required a Z80 at 4 MHz with 1 MB of RAM to run at 100%. Recommended hardware for TOS 2.0 was a Z80 at 10 MHz with 2 MB of RAM. Flash forward 15 years that’s very primitive. My TI-89 Titanium runs a Texas Instruments operating system similar to TOS. It really hasn’t been useful to me. Have been using my scientific calculator for math lately because TI-83 Plus and TI-89 Titanium are overkill apps! That and the manuals are long reading material that’s boring. Fiddling around with them is much more fun. .

I feel I’ll purchase Shadow of the Colossus for Playstation 2 because it got raving reviews on IGN (9.7 out of 10) and GameSpy (9.2 out of 10). IGN gave the game play and sound in the game a perfect score.


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