Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ian’s Quintessential Blog 2.0 online

I made several improvements to “Ian’s Quintessential Blog” right before CISCO! It evolves a lot of premade backgrounds which wouldn’t be that difficult to get anyways thanks to the Print Screen button. If my site’s graphics seem overly compressed, that’s because I use a modem. I must sacrifice high resolution images for loading times. With slow loading pages, (30 seconds over a modem or more) people generally stop loading altogether. This is bad. It doesn’t look as good as some of my other modified templates. Still it looks better than Ian’s Quintessential Blog 1.1 I think. I’m going to upgrade my photo gallery to a macromedia flash one. You know – so I can do the fancy zoom in and out effect on the browser. I’ll add this later. I did this blog with Namo Webeditor.

Ian’s Quintessential Blog 2.0 (works best with Internet Explorer)

Fable for Xbox game out today. Fable is made by Lionhead Studios which created Black and White and published by Microsoft. It’s going to be the best looking Xbox RPG (Xbox doesn’t have that many RPGs to begin with) I thought about owning this instead of Phantom Brave. It was delayed for 1 year already. TeamXBOX.com gave this game a 9.3/10. IGN.com gave it a solid 9/10. Gamespy gave it an 8.5/10. It’s where you start out as a boy and every choice you make effects the game somehow later on, and changes who your allies are. There is also PvM and PVP in this game. I just bought Star Ocean 3 four days ago, do I really need it yet? Probably not.

20 Worst things to ask when you’re buying a computer:

• I want the Internet loaded on my computer! (This one is actually true!)
• I want to watch movies on my computer!
• I want to have spell checker on my computer.
• Does my computer come with a keyboard?
• I want a computer that can play 3D games
• I want my computer to play high resolution games
• Does my computer come with Microsoft Word?
• I want it so I can have a PC to surf the Internet only.
• I want a computer but, I don’t know how to use it – can you help me mister?
• I need this thing called the floppy drive because apparently they use it at work. It’s essential that I have one.
• I went into the Gateway store to ask, “Do you sell Macintosh?”
• What’s a processor?
• What’s a hard drive?
• What’s a DVD-ROM?
• Does my computer (PC) to come preloaded with Internet Explorer?
• What does PC stand for?
• You call Dell and ask the operator, “What’s your cheapest computer?”
• I want to surf the Internet with a virus proof computer and if I don’t have one than I won’t get one.
• I don’t want anyone to know I’m on the Internet.
• I want to send email on my computer
• Why are PCs and Macintosh/Power PC different?

If anyone asks these questions please ignore them, it is best if you leave their answers unanswered. It’s a good chance, these people ask these questions to annoy the operators or anyone else they're by. The reason being – any average joe could find these questions out from word of mouth. Once, I had these very same questions, but I matured and got these answers answered rather quickly before hitting middle school WITHOUT annoying people. I listed these because I thought they were really funny because there are bad computer users in the world, but everyone should know the answer to these if they are interested in using computers (unlike my mom). If you are one of these people, refrain from asking these questions, and find your answers off your user-friendly helpful search engine.

If you can think of any other funny ones, please comment.


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