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First real Playstation 3 Specs unrevealed

I joined today and I added most of my videogames to the collection list and my collection is already worth 5,274 dollars. Just thought you want to look at it. Wisconsinite's Videogame Collection

I am really excited that Playstation 3 specs are now available. Sony is required to show a blueprint and official specs of the console. It somehow got onto the Internet. There is always a chance that these specs are not true and someone would just make them up entirely. The person who wrote this realized that the Playstation 3 was more powerful then Nintendo and Xbox. It is true the console specs are the complete opposite as they once were. The PS3 will be a little more than 4 GHz compared to the 300 MHz CPU the emotion engine had. The resolution sounds like it’s going to be 1200x1024, but more powerful than my home PC which can run games at 1600x1200. I agree with 1600x1200 has some unneeded polygons and on smaller monitors like 17” 1200x1024 looks better. A lot of times the text is too small to read at 1600x1200 on a 17” monitor. Let’s look at this at a realistic stand point. Playstation 3 looks like it’s only going to be 500 MHz faster than Microsoft’s new console according to the week old specs. The Xenon graphics will be very close to Playstation 3. The Playstation 3 will play FMV like Playstation 2 does, but with better compression. The quality will be better than PS2 partly MPEG4 can compress better at high quality per MB than the standard MPEG2 codec used for most PS2 video. Supposedly, Sony wants a BD-ROM in PS3 so when the new digital movie format comes out – PS3 owners will be a step ahead of the crowd! I wish all BD-ROM players also incorporated MPEG4 for the video.

Unofficial PS3

In 2006, when the “Xenon” is released, it’ll take 1st place as Dreamcast did. When the PS3 is finally released…it’ll double Xenon launch sales as PS2 did Dreamcast. Remember Dreamcast was TIME-Warner’s Product-of-the-Year of 1998, and PS2 was Product-of-the-Year in 2000.

Here’s the official specs off PS3 Insider :

• 8 Identical Attached Processing Unit (APU): ??? bits, Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD)
• Clock Frequency: 4GHz IBM’s “supercomputer on a chip” microprocessor.
• Integer Unit: 4 X Integer Units: 32 billion operations per second (32 GFLOPS).
• 4 X Floating Point Units: 32 billion floating point operations per second (32 GFLOPS)
• Multimedia extended instructions: unKnown
• Register Capacity: 128 times 128 bits
• TLB: unknown
• Instruction Cache: unknown
• Data Cache: unknown
• Scratch Pad RAM: unknown
• Local Memory / Storage or (LS) per APU: 128 kilobytes SRAM
• Main Memory: Main Memory: 64-bit XDR-RAM at 6.4GHz.
• Memory Bandwidth: (dual-channel = 102.4 GB/s)
• DMA: 1 channel per APU
• Direct Memory to APU Access: 1,024 bits wide per channel. (8 Channels)
• LS to Register: 128bits
• Registers to Floating Point or Integer Units: 384 bits per channel
• Floating Point or Integer Units to Register: 128 bits per channel

More PS2 specs I heard off some other forums. It includes Microsoft’s saying that “If Playstation 3 goes 256MB of RAM, we’ll go 512MB. If Sony doesn’t include a hard drive, neither will we” I heard some time ago.

• video memory - ATI 512-bit graphics processing unit at approximately 700 MHz
• RAM – 256-bit RDRAM at 500 MHz
• Sound – Pro Logic II supported 64 channel sound-chip manufactured by Sony
• Hard drive included in PS3 unit
• 10/100 Ethernet

Playstation 3 will have a hard drive. My guess is it’ll be 15 GB to 20 GB, twice as big as the one inside Xbox. The reason why I think so is hard drives, 15 GB hard drives are only 20 dollars at Best Buy. Every console should have a hard drive attached too it.. A PS3 hard drive will do exactly what X-Box has done in this generation. More then likely it’ll have a dual shock 3 – just an upgrade from dual shock 2. Playstation 3 can do 32 Gigaflops and PS2 only does 6.2 Gigaflops maximum. Surely, 32 Gigaflops is powerful enough to emulate Playstation 2. It’ll cut down the costs of putting PS2 and PS hardware into the console. A new feature is it’ll have a SVGA port in back so I can play on my PC monitor. It’ll also have MPEG 4 for a video codec. PS3 should have the new blu-ray technology which can store 25GB of data on one BD disc. The Dual-layered BD-ROM can hold 50 GB on a single disc. Some people think it’s going to be BVD-ROM because BD-ROM is missing ‘video’ in it. With Square-Enix, EA Sports, Take Two / Rockstar Games, Namco, Capcom on board developing games like Grand Thief Auto 5, Final Fantasy XIII, XIV, XV, Star Ocean 4, Suidoken V, Madden Football 2007, Xenosaga Episode 3, Winning Eleven Soccer 9, Gran Turismo 5, and Metal Gear Solid 4 on it - PS3 should do fine. But I think this is obvious since ever since Playstation did so well in 1997 and 1998 with Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid – no console manufacture could faze them in PS2 sales. All my friends have Playstation 2. Only my cousin, David, I know has an X-Box and a PS2.

First PS3 Tech Demo | Internet leak

The Last Ninja (seen above) is the PS3s first tech demo. I can see a slight difference between this game and Ninja Gaiden. Anyway, that’s real good. It is made by Studio 3 Studio 3’s official Webpage As you can see - it’s a cross between Ninja Gaiden and Onimusha.

Here is a site with a load of PS2 information gathered by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. NCSA’s PS2 Chemistry Project
Since when was PS2 considered a super-computer? The University of Iowa states that the PS2 outperforms 800 MHz Pentium 3s with a Linux terminal benchmarking program doing ‘ liner conventual algebra’. Studies came off of a modified v2.1.1 kernal running Red Hat Linux 7.3 on a tailor-made hard disk for PS2. The whole thing is very geekish. The point of this is the new consoles will be benchmark heaven for the NCSA, and many Universities which study ‘toy’ computers or commodity-off-the-toy-shelf products(AKA: COTTS). In short, whatever runs on PS2 can certainly run on PS3! University of Illinois’s Toy Computer Research Project

Today, I was just on my computer the whole day. The bank isn’t open on Sundays so I couldn’t get Star Ocean 3, another game by Square-Enix. I know it’s at Game Stop, but Wal-Mart I’m not sure about. It’s suppose to be really good from what I read off PS2 reviews at I also played Winning Eleven Soccer 7. My skills at that game dropped since I last played. So I suck at it. Tomorrow is Labor Day. I think I’ll be studying CISCO at least for 5 hours tomorrow off CISCO Academy.

This is Ian Signing off.

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