Monday, September 13, 2004

Do Aliens use Snail Mail? Yep.

Uh-hem. I noticed about 11 months ago and 20 days ago I haven’t received any FAN MAIL! I know what you’re thinking – if I haven’t received mail for 11 months than why would I care? To answer this question – I wonder if other Modblog users get fan mail? Only copperman sent me any fan mail and it was a modified user image by him.

Firstly, I found some interesting facts about sharing Information. Putting data on CD and shipping it is must less costly to send huge amounts of data than Internet dialup costs. And my answer to this, “Screw who ever wrote that.” Think of it? Compressing data and putting it on CD and shipping it. When data is transported by trains, planes, ships and automobiles the price drops significantly. That’s 800MB+ worth of compressed data on the CD. Each bit of information would be less than a cent. Now that I think about it one 7 MB of compressed data is less than a cent if the postage shipment costs only 4 dollars. Now, if I ship DVDs which are about the same weight as normal CDs, I can save a lot more data per dollar, 28 MB per cent compressed. How the heck can anyone download more than 100 MB at once over dial-up? It’s impossible to download more than that in one day where I live unless you’ve got high-speed Internet via satellite. Yes, I live in the trees and corncobs are abundant. I have never done it. The editor of this passage is just stating the obvious. I had a good laugh after reading. I also agree with it, but it’s so damn obvious, I couldn’t stop myself laughing for 5 minutes nonstop. Do people remember how it was before high-speed Internet? Or did some people somehow forget? Oops. ET could - in fact – could have loads of information on his spaceship, therefore, it would physical data sent on a physical medium from his admiral ship (sometimes called his mothership) to all the smaller ships ranked below. Maybe the aliens don’t want us to known about their existence? (The green little martens with antennas sticking outta their heads and flew around in saucers) They have far more technology than we do and they don’t feel like sharing most likely is the reason. URL link - Does ET use Snail Mail?.

Oh yeah, I installed the official Microsoft Service Pack (SP2), and it works even worse. SP1 was better than the retail release of Windows XP, but this isn’t what I had in plan when I downloaded SP2. My expectations were high, of course, because it came from Microsoft. I’m now getting viruses left and right. What’s up with that? SP2 was supposed to be a security patch for Windows XP. My Dell Dimension XPS came with Windows XP Service Pack 1 with it. So far, with my next reinstallation, I won’t install the Service Pack 2 onto my PC next time around. If Microsoft releases a hot fix (patching the patch) to Service Pack 2, which would be really cool. What would be even cooler is if Service Pack 3 did some theme tweaking to the desktop like Windows Blinds 4, except it would be very stable.

As for music I’m listening to some classical for a change. Mozart, Brahms, Robert Schumann, or Beethoven. All of them having genius IQ. Ya, the music is brilliant alright. It’s suppose to sound good. How though? I ripped some of my classical discs to MP3 format about 2 years back. The MP3 files sounds a lot like the WAV file for the most part. Only noticeable lost in volume. I traveled to a videogame remixing site called Overclocked Remix – The Unofficial Game Music Arrangement Community . It’s where various DJs do remixes on videogame music. The Mp3s are all free. I got 350 MB full of this stuff which I downloaded in 2003. The Chrono Cross / Chrono Trigger remixes are great! The Secret of Mana theme soundtrack isn’t too bad either. I’ll download more at school today.

I’m about 3 ½ hours into Star Ocean Till the End of Time. I appreciate the graphics and watch all the FMV the game has to offer. I knew that evacuation on that starship wouldn’t be successful. The main characters were ambushed on a typical save the human race from another alien race storyline. I’m sort of afraid I’ll die too easily, I’m trying to level up in at the beginning so I don’t get killed. It’s one of those hack ‘n slash games too. The battle system is well made though. It seems to be very balanced. Unlike Star Ocean - The Second Story, all the cut scenes English voiceovers, not just the FMV. says the voices are bad, but I think they say that because they compare the game to big budget films. I never knew videogame were supposed to have very good voice acting anyways? Their review says Metal Gear Solid 2 voice acting is exceptional and isn’t the only one that believes this. As I always say, “As long as it’s in English, I’ll listen to it.” None of the videogames I own have horrible voice acting. I know a few years back, you were cool if you said MGS2 is the best game out for PS2! I don’t know about what’s the coolest now-a-days. Grand Thief Auto: San Audreas?

I tried taking the source code and opening the HTML file in Namo Webeditor 5.0 and play around with the source. I’m almost ready for my first attempt. If I am successful, I will have my first successful template. I’m going to create a large logo with some transparent images and run it off a different server.

This morning, I reinstalled my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 into my XPS. It can do 24-bit DVD quality sound whereas Sound Blaster can only do 16-bit CD audio. Most obvious, my older sound blaster does not have 5.1 Surround Sound support. It is missing the black jack for an extra set of speakers. Mp3s don’t usually surpass CD quality, but in any case the SBA2 enhances the sound with an onboard chip that does equalizing giving a good sound boost. I thought something was defective on the soundcard itself….with my luck, it works now, and my MP3s sound noticeably better with headphones.

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