Saturday, September 25, 2004

Getting Sims 2 today I hope

Howdy. Wasn’t sure what to put so I wrote a bunch of stuff like school – seems that couldn’t be helped so I deleted that post and started over with hopefully a better post.

Today is Saturday. I’ve been waiting all week for it to be Friday. Friday is always my slack off day. Yesterday I was playing Star Ocean 3 (go figure) and am about 5 hours in it. Haven’t had a “Game Over” yet on normal so I guess I have what it takes. Key to success - like in all games - is to keep the HP higher than 75%. And obviously, the point of playing the game is to avoid getting hit. If it is low then that’s when I worry. I’ve never gotten myself in that bind – if I were, I’d skip all my battles and find a HP replenishing circles fast. I’m on the 2nd underdeveloped planet interesting enough they want the technology of that little crashed space craft that I’ve made in town. Woops. There goes that popular ‘world is flat’ analogy.

I know there is more in this game’s story, but most civilizations I would think – if they saw something fall out of the sky – wouldn’t people who live on it think that their planet has been invaded? I know if I saw a strange spaceship coming out of the sky I would be terrified. Then there is always the select few who themselves want to be taken on a journey or the like. Nah. It’s not like that. Everyone I known on any planet in this game didn’t come along. In this planet it’s not the case. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll run into a “20th century underdeveloped planet?” Maybe then I will get “the alien welcome”. You know – we want your technology deal. Why is every planet inhabited by humans? And if humans did inhabitant other planets why is there civilizations that don’t have space technology. Yes, there are all kinds of aliens in this game. Blue-Dophins, fox tails, etc. In Star Ocean 3, Earth has joined an allegiance with some other planets. All planets have enemies. Except in Star Ocean 3 at least 1 enemy has changed over to the good side and you met the former enemy early in the game. There (we have two it seems) is 1 human enemy and one alien enemy. Therefore, that leaves me with two enemy forces to worry about. I won’t have to worry about it in a sense because I get very few choices as in the story are the same regardless of what I do. Anyway, as the story begins - the planet that I was vacationing on was invaded than destroyed to nothing more than a waste land. Then we run into a couple enemy ships, escape to an underdeveloped planet with 14th century technology. Get saved by that former enemy that switched sides. I’ve got into another fight with an enemy battle cruiser, astonishing escape again with ‘warp speed’ to another underdeveloped planet. This one is set in the time of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table time period. (Not really himself). The main characters have been brutally wiped than they’ve been thrown into a prison where they get saved from the other side? This side is using runes for magic. Magic is good for those physical immune enemies on the planet. The locals call it runology (rune technology). Star Ocean gets stranger and stranger.

I finally tried out Power Archiver 9.02. I remember way back when Power Archiver was freeware. It supported many formats and was very stable. Then by 8.0 it has became shareware. I’ve been using WinRAR meanwhile. It’ll compress docs 75% in RAR format. That’s good enough for me. Power Archiver 9 has this new 7zip format. It’s supposed to have better compression ratio than RAR. I always thought RAR was the best. The difference is of an 887KB text file would be 294KB in RAR and 276KB in 7ZIP. Its difference is less than 20 kilobytes. Is it worth that much? However, WinRAR will read any 7ZIP file. Power Archiver 9 is great because it doesn’t freeze up or take that much resources as 8.0 did. They fixed the system resources leak plaguing Power Archiver 7x. Yeah!

I started to play some Bookworm Deluxe from Popcap Games. The game is basically a word game. You try to compete for a high score by creating as long words I can. If I happen to spell something to short one of the letter boxes starts on fire – and I must use that box in a hurry. My score was about 71,000 something. I got to the Senor Librarian Assistant level. Actually, it was mom whom made me download it so she could bring it too work next week. She works at a Minnesota hospital and well – the county hospital a few years ago was taken over by corporate sponsors and now is taking away her Internet – so she comes to be and asks me to put this software on CD. You must try this software. It may not be as addicting as a lot of commercial PC games these days – it’s supposed to enhance my vocabulary. I couldn’t image anything more horrible than no Internet privileges – Not!

Oh yeah I found out that The Sims 2 has been available for 10 days already. I may get this game either today or tomorrow so I can see what all the fuss is about. Sims? Sequel to best selling videogame of all time? Huh? Boy, it seems like people sure like to play with their virtual Sim’s minds. Is Will Wright (founder of Maxis and creator of Simcity, Simtown, Simfarm, SimTower, The Sims) a genius for knowing this? Yeah, well, already gave it 9.5 out of 10. I imagine Maxis’s next Sims game will combine Simcity with The Sims. In fact, it is already in a way. I can import your personal character data from Simcity 4 into The Sims 2. Simcity 4 let anyone to create a family and the family would give you feedback from their area in the city. Crime reports, tax rate, the family’s needs, etc. Problem is I don’t have Simcity 4 installed. Gamerankings rates this game an 8.9 out of 10 over all. Graphics are in full 3D and a lot of polygons unlike The Sims. I know what I’m going to do – when I get the game, I’m going to go find some cheat codes for the game, buy the biggest house with my infinite money cheat and spoil my guy. Maybe I’ll get married and have children who want things.

[On Sunday] I’ve been playing with the Sims 2. I bought the DVD Special Edition version today. I was asked if I really want this game since it’s on DVD format. I said no problem. I can’t believe people who buy this game didn’t see DVD Special Edition logo in large font. I’ve been playing the Dreamers Family in Pleasantville. It’s made up of two people to be precise. The teenager gets good grades in school, but he has this girlfriend which he absolutely goes nuts over, and for some reason he likes a white girl. The kid’s black. I’m a little surprised. It seems that the game does everything right so far. The Sims are much smarter this time around, and don’t do as dumb of things as last game. My Sim in this game don’t miss work and doesn’t sleep in. Unlike in the original Sims, Sims don’t get as depressed in 30 minutes – not to mention it’s a heck of a lot easier to control my Sims in this game. The game looks much more realistic graphics wise, the furniture has 10 times the polygons as the original. It makes the game more fun I think now that it’s in full 3D. I don’t see how people can spend night and day on this game. It’s nothing to loose sleep over.

Later today (right before I wrote this) I was stacking wood and hopefully I get paid. All I need is 53 dollars to buy this game. Yes, another game, but a computer game none-the-less. Impressions maybe next time.

This is Ian signing off.

Shareware game of the day – Bookworm Delux 1.03 Pop Cap Games Homepage

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