Friday, September 17, 2004

Greatest games in my opinion

Today I am going to list off my personal favorites I’ve played for each console.

Top 5 Nintendo

1. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. is comes packaged with the NES and it’s reviewed by many as the best NES game on the console. While the graphics aren’t comparable to that of Super Mario Bros 3, it’s game play exceeds everything except maybe Final Fantasy or Metriod in sound.
2. Final Fantasy – the first RPG for any console. Final Fantasy has outdated graphics, but the graphics were above par when it came out.
3. Metroid– I played this one through Metroid Prime on Gamecube. It is made from Gameboy master-designer, Gunpei Yokoi. Metriod is said to be one of the first side-scrolling shooter. Everything about this game is cool. You play everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter (please don’t hate me for not saying Boba-Fett) none other than Samus Aran to save the galaxy from the mother metroid for the first time. Blaster and power suit come standard in her inventory. Graphics are about the best on the NES and the game is long and brutal. You can’t play this game at a novice level unless you’ve cheated.
4. Tetris – Tetris has been around for over 15 years. Everyone should instantly recognize this mind game. I find it fun trying to put the blocks in order. Every console from then on after had Tetris on it. In fact, Tetris Worlds has been released on Playstation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, N64, X-box, and Gamecube. Since when has one game been ported across 2 generations? Super Nintendo had Super Tetris. N64 also had Tetris Attack and Tetrisphere.
5. Legend of Zelda – the Game that started it all. Who could forget Legend of Zelda? It’s stars Link and you save a princess named Zelda. Classic storyline.

Top 6 Super NES

1. Super Metroid – A game I almost bought at the game store today. It sells for 40 dollars. This game is recognized as Metriod 3. I do believe that Metroid 2 was on Gameboy. It has updated graphics, but does Metriod really need better game play which was so revolutionary in the first game? I played the rom and it played well. It’s suppose to have many secrets
2. Legend of Zelda – Link to the Past – My first Super NES game. The 3rd installment in the series. Once again Zelda gets kidnapped and you try to save her. Graphics are good in 1992, but in 1996, they were barely above average.
3. Final Fantasy VI – Probably the 3rd RPG that I played on Playstation, and it’s the best RPG for Super Nintendo. Likewise - it carries the Final Fantasy name. Extremely high profile budget. It’ll be another 3 years until another installment of Final Fantasy comes out. Cut-scenes, epic music, and over 5000 textboxes come standard.
4. Chrono Trigger – another game I have for Playstation. You play Crono and save the world with a princess, a frog and another warrior. You travel through time too. Since it’s a RPG, you get dramatic cut-scenes (harharhar - it’s from 1995 okay, don’t expect polygons), and lot and lots of text. Again, it’s made from Squaresoft so expect the best quality.
5. The 5th one is really hard. I was going to say Secret of Mana, but I decided that the English translated ROM of Star Ocean is better. Theory is if you have one of those ROM backup thing-a-ma-jigs for Super Nintendo you can play it on your Super Nintendo hence it being a Super Nintendo game. Star Ocean has really, really good graphics that surpass Final Fantasy VI. And it has audio cut-scenes in it! Never seen before. Game made by Tri-Ace and published by Enix. Only released in Japan.
6. Mortal Kombat II – I personally pick Mortal Kombat II as my favorite fighting game. I don’t own it but I played the ROM. My poll says Street Fighter Alpha 2 is the best SNES fighter. I haven’t seen it at the game store nor played it.

Top 6 Sega Saturn games

1. Nights – probably the most addictive Saturn game in my collection. I bought a 3D analog controller just so I could play it. It’s #1
2. Daytona USA – a port of the arcade game
3. Fighter’s Megamix – probably the most decent 3D fighter from Sega developer AM2
4. Virua Fighter – another good game
5. Gex – a good platform game – it plays like Donkey Kong Country.
6. Panzer Dragoon Okay game. You save the world with a dragon.

Playstation (I bought PSone so I call play Square-soft games so interesting enough my top 5 are all RPGs)

1. Final Fantasy 8 – My first RPG I’ve played so likewise it’s my favorite Final Fantasy game for Playstation. Spans 4 CDs. Over 40 hours long.
2. Legend of Dragoon - I know this game didn’t receive that good reviews, but I like the backgrounds and it’s the 2nd favorite RPG I own. Also spans 4 CDs and roughly 40 hours long. This game is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and was the single most costly project for it. Cost Sony as much as Squaresoft to finance development of Final Fantasy 7.
3. Final Fantasy 7 – Now a classic Playstation game, but easily found at any game store that’s because there are so many copies around. Remember this game sold over 3 million in the United States. It’s still the 3rd best Playstation RPG to own. It’s not as much as a romance as FF8 was, but it does have music and the graphics were state-of-the-art at the time. Read a review or something. Thing game doesn’t need an introduction because most readers own this game I would think. It’s the first time a RPG had FMV and spoken words.
4. Chrono Cross – Sequel to Chrono Trigger. It’s about half as long as Final Fantasy, but still pushed the Playstation to it’s theoretical limits. Sources say the graphics engine runs at 60 frames per second.
5. Xenogears – another Squaresoft RPG. It’s also a space RPG spanning across 2 discs.

Nintendo 64

1. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time – Probably my single most favorite game for N64. At first I never bought this game because I heard it was too good. It’s the best selling videogame at Game Stop and Toyriffic. I bought my copy in 2002, which one of my recent N64 games.
2. Goldeneye – Best first person shooter for N64. Game developed by Rare. Uses full 007 James Bond license. Graphics were cool in 1997. Nothing else compared to it. I beat it on 00 Agent
3. Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Weird how this game got on the list. I bought it only a few months ago. Game also made by Rare. Played the Rom today actually. This game confuses the emulator I think – it crashed. After the opening sequence.
4. Super Mario 64 – It’s a classic and the first N64 game out. Still it’s like Super Mario Bros 3D. An above average technical demo in 1995 from what I heard. I completed it three times from what I remember. Fun game. Played it through many times.
5. Perfect Dark – 2nd First person shooter from RARE. Came out in 2000, and I bought it at that time. Since it had the memory expansion pack – it looked better than any other N64 game. I play the rom every once in a while.


1. Crazy Taxi – I liked sending passengers to their destination. The graphics looked like Playstation 2 games and the game itself played well. I believe it had Slipknot on it
2. Rayman 2 – the best platform game for the Dreamcast
3. Skies of Arcadia – my favorite RPG for Dreamcast. Had graphics of early PS2 games. Very long - spanned 50 hours. Decent story. Random battles too
4. Grandia 2 – ever since I bought this game – I tired getting my hands on the original Grandia. This game brought the series to 3D (polygons) The DC version look better than the PS2 version. Played well. Got hard in the middle. Keep dieing. Came with an audio CD with Grandia 2 music on it. I rather Game-Arts included Grandia with Grandia 2.
5. Soul Caliber – probably the best 3D fighting game for Dreamcast. gave it a perfect score.

Playstation 2

1. Star Ocean – Till the End of Time – probably the longest console RPG the world’s ever own. (not counting RPGs like Neverwinter Nights or Morrowind Game of the Year) Spans across two DVDs. That’s equivalent to 14 CDs! Since this game is the Director’s Cut and took 1 ½ years to hit North America, the graphics are a bit outdated. This is also my favorite since I’m playing it now. Star Ocean is set in 738 SD and has it’s own story loosely based on Star Ocean The Second Story.
2. Final Fantasy X – first Final Fantasy to be fully cut-scene driven. Gameplay is 40 to 60 hours if you play all the quests. Has this thing called Overdrive. You press the X button at the precise moment and you do up to 200% more damage. Also has this sphere grid where you level up and get to choice how to build your character.
3. Grand Thief Auto Vice City – Known to many as the best PS2 game ever created.
4. Xenosaga – Episode 1 – It’s a space RPG. In the game your attacked by an alien spices called the Gnosis who are form themselves to anything and deplete human’s vital signs for energy. They can also become cyborg if they have the necessary resources. The Federation develops a super weapon prototype called KOS-MOS which can destroy Gnosis where no ordinary human being can. The androids look like anime. Fine. 60 hour RPG – l o n g !
5. Jak and Dexter – the Precursor Legacy. – First game of the trilogy. In my opinion the best. I own two and the final installment is coming out this year. This game was developed by Naughty Dog which developed the Crash Bandicoot games for Playstation.


1. Metroid Prime – good Action RPG. Looks like a first person shooter with a gun. You’re the best own heroin bounty hunter in the videogame world, Samus Aran. It’s a first / third person adventure shooter hybrid game. One of Nintendo’s highest priority Gamecube games next to the Legend of Zelda franchise. Game developed by Retro Studios in 2002. Comes with Metroid as a freebee. Graphics are only surpassed by Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. It’s also a prequel to Metroid.
2. Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes – Get it Twin snakes as two games in one. Improved graphics over the PS2 version and a little worst then Xbox version. Game is two mini-discs long. I wonder if Nintendo will get MGS: Snake Eater in 2006? Silicon Knights which helped port the game over two Gamecube is no longer a 2nd party of Nintendo which means Konami will have to port the whole game themselves, which more than likely will not happen. What a shame. And this is the very reason Playstation 2 had sales over Nintendo Gamecube.
3. Resident Evil – You can’t own a Gamecube without owning “Resident Evil: Revisited”.
4. Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker – This game had to make the top 5. It’s a good 40 hour RPG. Nintendo’s best.
5. Legend of Zelda Promotional Disc– 4 Zeldas on one disc (2 NES / 2 N64).

Xbox (Xbox is by far the hardest)

1. Colin Mcrae Rally 04 – My favorite racing game
2. Rallisport Challenge 2 – another rally game
3. Fable – just got this game today (more below)
4. Project Gotham 2 - Bizarre Creations best game to date
5. Halo – the high profile first person shooter by Bungie for Xbox and PC.

Windows PC

1. Unreal Tournament 2004 – my personal favorite
2. Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction
3. Neverwinter Nights
4. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
5. Call of Duty

Yesterday I went to Toyriffic and looked around. I didn’t see anything I liked so I wanted to look to see if the store had Super Metroid. Super Metroid is a rare game, and I blew the extra money on Fable. So I could have bought Super Metroid, but didn’t due to the money. At, I saw that this game has a bunch of 9s and 10s in the reader review section so I thought “Wow, people really liked this game!” I ended up buying Donkey Kong Country 3 and Wipeout Fusion. I regret what I bought now. I should have spent the 40 dollars on Super Metroid. Humph.

I went straight from Toyriffic to WITC for my class. I was about 30 minutes early. It was really good at first, but then for some strange reason I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t explain the facial expressions on people. I know it’s all small talk – but then it got into a pretty good argument about the Navy. I know nothing about the Navy, and it creeped my out how they knew everything about the Navy. How brutal the navy actually is. I stayed around a while. Didn’t feel right myself and eventually left 1 hour into class. Felt I couldn’t agree with anyone - felt tense so I had to leave. I knew that walking out was the last thing everybody was expecting. Joyce followed me outside and asked me what’s wrong. I didn’t answer, and walked outside. She wanted to see if I had anything against the class I’m coming back anyways on Monday – what’s the point of talking to someone if it’ll reveal that I got frustrated at one point, and creeped out from the ignorance feeling in my mind.

My friend Bob couldn’t come over this week or the last few weeks? He hasn’t called me for over a month for one reason or another. He says last week he was on vacation (don’t know where) and couldn’t come over to visit. I planned a Doom 3 LAN and I have it all set up. Everything is installed and works. I tested it so it really does work – guaranteed. Tomorrows Saturday and I bet he’s doing something again. We live about 14 miles from each other. I could go to his house any time of the day. Bob loves rock. He owns a Genesis and I wondered if I could play that so I could think about getting one myself. I own Dreamcast and Saturn, but not Genesis or Master’s System. Master’s System was junk in my opinion, but Genesis actually was more popular than Super Nintendo according to many sites – which is hard to confirm with most Nintendophilies ya know? They usually like everything Nintendo. I like being nonjudgmental when it comes to game platform so it’s easier if I buy all of them. Usually a used console is less than one game, therefore, owning another console would set me back one game. In fact I think I’ll just set the facts.

Toyriffic sells all their used consoles if only cleaned and play tested first. All of them come with a 1st party controller, power cable, R/F output or audio in

• Used Nintendo 64 /w controller $19.99
• Used N64 / controller / RAM pack $29.99
• Used Playstation /w controller $19.99
• Used PSone /w controller $39.99
• Used Dreamcast /w controller $29.99
• Used Gamecube /w controller $79.99
• Used Playstation 2 /w controller $112
• Used Xbox /w controller $112
• Used Saturn /w digital controller $29.99
• Used NES /w two controllers and copy of Super Mario Bros $49.99
• Used SNES /w controller $39.99
• RARE miniature 3rd generation NES $99.99
• Any Genesis $39.99
• Gameboy $19.99
• Gameboy Color $29.99
• Gameboy Advance $49.99
• Gameboy Advance SP $69.99
• Atari 2600 /w joystick 10 games $79.99
• Atari Jaguar /w controller $99.99

Some of the newer consolers are very decent priced. Heck, if you don’t have a Playstation and have 20 dollars to spend on another videogame – just get a Playstation.

Special Free Files of the Day:

Metroid - Redemption – a fan made platform shooter set in the Metroid Universe. Download Here. 1.2 MB

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