Tuesday, September 07, 2004

God day readers! I get lonely with no one around to talk to and play games with, this site is a way to express my feeling toward games and choices of college. Thanks DJ Adrenaline for signing my guestbook. I like your music off Internet DJ. Come back. I finished college with a good end. Now I have the whole weekend to have fun. I finished Final Fantasy X about too days ago. I guess I really haven't thought about it, but Final Fantasy X is just better then other RPGs like .Hack. It's just one of those games that is just great. It's old now. I remember when the Internet went crazy over the game. It' true. There are a lot of Final Fantasy sites on the web. Just try typing in Final Fantasy into Google.com. You'll get 1000s of results. In my opinion, generally speaking Final Fantasy sites look better then the average site on the web. Most of them have a fan base that no other game has. You have 10 big search engines that support Final Fantasy games. Fan art is incredible, there are some really talented artists who draw anime after Final Fantasy. I know there are other great PS2 games like Devil May Cry, Grand Thief Auto 3, Twisted Metal Black, Gran Turismo 3 A Spec Metal Gear Solid 2. But I'm not getting into why they are good. I mean there are some truth about what people say in the message boards.

Oh, I'm getting into looking at message boards before I write reviews for videogames.

My opinion about message boards. They call it the Interactive part of the Internet Language. I bet you all have seen short abbreviations of works like LOL! (laugh out loud) :0) (don't take me seriously) cya (see you) It seems that the one useful up to date interactive boards of the past for people with problems on their command line (Windows Prompt / Linux Terminal) turned almost entirely to a gamers prospective. I think that people spend to much time on it. There are groups of people who team up and build a web page complete with message boards and member logins on their page. I can find the tools necessary to hold my own, but I can't contribute that much information, contributing 5 hours a day on my web page. Internet gunus respect gaming boards as they call it. The number of gaming boards on the web is simply huge! Most of it is "I am hold up in this game" or "I like this game the best" or "This game is going to be better then so or so." I stop trying, I mean when I try to talk on these gaming sites like all the Nintendo Gamecube sites you see, I get absolutely no email response.

I am thinking of making this webpage similar. But I'm not going to change this web page, I'm going to hold the same information on a different domain so that it'll load faster (this won't be any concern to you high speed internet surfers.) I have put my college web page at this link. <Click Here> Look at the faster loading format. On this web page I'm thinking of having different, more dynamic menu frames. This page is made up of a bunch of independent tables which I can easily replace and edit.

I went out and got another PS2 game. The name is called Soul Caliber 2. I paid full price for it. Soul Caliber 2 is the sequel to the popular Dreamcast game Soul Caliber. I read that many people gave up their Dreamcasts and traded it in for a PS2. But some of them said that Soul Caliber was hard to part with. I haven't played my Dreamcast, or Soul Caliber for that matter, for 4 months. Particularly it's under my TV collecting dust. I could never part with my Dreamcast. It still has sentimental value. Plus I knew I wouldn't get half what I paid for all the games I collect. My parents know how active I was with the Dreamcast. I think they understand why I like them too. It's funny how parents can except those things! Well my parents were in their late 30s when Pac-man, Pong and Tron were cutting edge technology. I play those games sometimes through the emulator "MIME." You might guess that they were never into computers and games when they grew up.

I have yet to try out the PS2 game Thunder Strike - Operation Phoenix. It's kind of like Nuclear Strike and Chopper Attack for the Nintendo 64. It's much more like Chopper Attack then anything I've played. Thunder Strike is also better then Chopper Attack. I remember the old Genesis helicopter game, Jungle Strike. It's a classic. I played it on my cousin's Genesis when I was 11. Thunder Strike is a helicopter simulation for the PS2. It didn't get award winning graphics or gameplay. But I'll try it anyways. I like Apache helicopters. I heard of games like Jane's Attack Squadron, but the only real plane simulations I played was Air Force Delta for Dreamcast and Falcon 4.0 for PC. I wasn't great at those games. In Falcon 4.0, the pilot had to read a 300 page book on how to fly, fire and land a jet. The controls in that game were a little too realistic. I didn't have time to learn such a game. It was very buggy too, kept crashing on my PC. The graphics were okay though, the game could run at the highest resolution in high definition mode.

There is another game that I was interested in is Devil May Cry. IGN.com gave this game a 9.6/10. They said that the game is great, Capcom did a great job organizing the music in the game (punk rock/ heavy metal remixes) The gameplay was equally good. I could have bought this game a day ago for under 20 dollars at a store. But I picked the Ratchet and Clank platform game for 10 dollars more. Ratchet and Clank seems easy compared to many other platform games. The only other platform game I played this year is Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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