Saturday, August 21, 2004

Please support JPEG2000! Browser plugin is free.

Hello all. It’s me and I want to say I’ve seen the next best thing in graphic files. And it is called JPEG2000! Best of all, JPEG2000 browser plug-ins are free! JPEG2000 has a better pixel resolution for the file size. I want to use JPEG 2000, but am afraid it’s not standardized for most users. JPEG 2000 is state-of-the-art compression for images. JPEG 2000 files always have the *.J2C or *.J2K extensions. But I found out that Paint Shop Pro 7 and 8, and Adobe Photoshop 7, 8, 9 have support for it. You can also download Morgan Media's JPEG tool to make J2C files. This is a shareware program. I recommend anyone to download the free browser plugin, and forget about it. I have it installed and all it does is adds support for J2K files. I want to use JPEG2000 on my webpage, but I can’t because more than half of Internet users don't have support for it. There is enough pixel enhancements for this format to make a difference in Internet. JPEG is 14 years old. JPEG 2000 just came out in 2001. Please support JPEG 2000, and hope Microsoft Corp. standardizes it in Internet Explorer 7.0

I’m sorry. I can’t show you a JPEG2000 image on here because it won’t show up if you don’t download and install the plugin.

16KB JPEG file

PNG image acting as if it were a 16 KB JPEG 2000 image

This is the actual JPEG2000 image compressed at it :)

Below is the very useful image tag for J2c and J2K files :)

"embed src="image.jp2" width="400" height="300">

Please become supporters today!

Free Mozilla JPEG 2000 Plugin -
Free Internet Explorer JPEG2000 Plugin -

Download this Image creation tool (Morgan JPEG Toolbox V2 ) if you don’t have Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop installed. URL -


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