Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"Counter Strike: SOURCE" beta now avaliable

I am sorry about the last 2 blog entries. They were filled with grammar errors - so therefore - they weren’t up to par with some of my other well-thought out entries. I am trying to quality control my site. Not just everything can be said here – it must have meaning in computer technology. There are days were I just write whatever on my mind. There is very little grouping. I found out that a lot of bloggers have shorter entries, and don’t modify them more than once. Shall I write shorter entries? There is no such thing of a short version of the long entry, but there is a long version of a short entry – at least in my mind. Short entries are for short reading. I like to read several paragraphs of something. Okay?

Today’s conversation is back on Half-Life 2 which has now been delayed until next year. Surely it’s because Valve is doing tweaking / polishing / and more tweaking until perfection. Valve confirmed “Counter-Strike: Source”, and “Half-life: Source” is included in the Half-life 2 box. As in buy one game and get 2 games free. Counter-Strike: Source is Counter-Strike 2.0 in discuss. I have never played Counter-Strike. I hear it’s fun. IGN.com got a preview up of this game before I ever knew it existed. Actually, I knew Valve was going to port Half-life into the Source Engine – because they’ve would have hurt themselves otherwise. This is a free bonus courtesy of Valve. Counter-Strike: Source is a stand alone game meaning unlike Counter-Strike 1.5 and below, you don’t need another game installed to play it. I downloaded both Counter-Strike 1.5 and Counter-Strike 1.6 a while back. I know it’s popular, but haven’t had time play it. I just remember I heard some bad things about version 1.6 so I downloaded 1.5 too.

To download the beta (CS: Source), you must download the application that’ll download the game directly from Valve’s servers onto your computer. This is done for security reasons. I got CS1.5 and CS 1.6 off Soft32.com, and that’s not secure. Maybe there are loop-holes (in terms of downloading games)? The game is a 350 MB download - smaller than Counter-Strike 1.6. You’ll need a password from Counter-Strike: Conduction Zero to unlock the download screen. Plus, I don’t know why anyone would want to download the beta. It’s filed with bug crashes, and it’s going to come packaged with less glitches with Half-life 2 next year. It is rumored that’s exactly why Half-life 2 is delayed presently. I’ve been reading most of the reader reviews. It’s 50/50 whether or not it’s better than the Counter-Strike mod. Some say Condition Zero for Xbox wasn’t very good at all according to many Internet sources.

Today’s been chaotic. I went to CISCO taught by Joyce. Told her that my online curriculum wouldn’t show up at home. One of the student’s commented that my Internet Security is too high. I have to set it on “low” for CISCO online to show up. I’m sure it has to put cookies on my hard drive. Cookies aren’t bad – they’re just little files that have user data on them. Then I went to student services to get help in note taking for CISCO. I didn’t get any help. No one knows anything about Cisco. So I compromised and agreed for the teachers to look at my notes. My notes looked fine. Then I got home and started to read the first and second chapter in my Human Relations textbook. That took time out of my day.

On my slack off time I spared, I looked up if there were any new Half-Life 2 information. Which there was. I also found out what the new Counter-Strike is called (stated above). Next, I looked up Microsoft Xenon facts again. It tickles my hardware funny bone. Headlines: “Xenon: The PowerPC made by Microsoft.” Earlier, I found out the official specs, but just to make sure I was right, I reread the Xenon (really pronounced Zenon) article.

XEXON FAQ - http://xbox.gamespy.com/articles/527/527245p1.html?fromint=1

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