Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Big Bang Theory

Hmm, more on the thought that the recent scientific discovery The Big Bang Theory may of existed 40 Billion years ago. I’m more into the fact that the there will be another more valid theory in the near future. What I mean by the near future, after my life has ended in the 2060s or something. If you put it into prospective, the Big Bang is just a current theory created when we ventured out into space for the first time. It’s a good theory, and I am sure some of the radiation, and hydrogen facts that I’m about the retell you are going to be true 2000 years in the future when people ‘supposedly’ pioneer outer-space, and landed on planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. It would end up somewhat like Xenosaga (videogame, RPG). Again, after my life-time. I mean, if I’m lucky, I may see an astronaut set foot on Mars. The 20th century made more progress in technology, obviously, and then all the previous centuries combined.

Firstly, NASA states that the Big Bang theory will never prove itself. The big bang theory states that a cosmic explosion occurred 10 billion years ago, and like an atomic bomb, the radiation first imploded (as an atomic bomb would do), and spread radiation everywhere. Radiation was harmful, but it eventually formed all different types of Suns. The radiation turned into rock which eventually became suns. There are 4 types of suns I know of. Blue Sun, Red Sun, Yellow Sun, Brown Sun (dead sun) and Orange Sun. Also a recent discovery from a British scientist made the discovery of a brown dwarf or dead star in 1995. Brown Dwarfs are much smaller than Suns, but bigger than any planets. Parts of the sun can also be asteroids (much, much smaller). We have an asteroid belt before Jupiter. (The fact remains an asteroid hit Earth 20,000 years ago ending the dinosaurs existence, and began the first ice age.) In other words dead stars shrink. They are bright in the galaxy like suns, but they don’t burn hydrogen as Suns do. No one knows why they do that?

The smaller pieces of the sun could become planets or moons. I’ll get to suns in a minute. Ironically, the man who invented it was as much as a priest as a scientist. Priests are supposed to believe in God, therefore, it’s against Christian/Hebrew/Lutheran religion to think that our universe was created by an implosion. Arno Penzias, and Robert Wilson stated that radiation is moving around in space in 1964, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. The other big theory is about God creating the Earth in 7 days. We know that the Earth was not created in 7 days. In 1445 BC, when the final version of chapter one, Genesis, of the Bible was written in Hebrew, it was the only logical reason for people to bear with their existence. Funny right? Humans are biologically unchanged from 1996 BC to 2004 AD (4000 years) so the human brain is just as capable of understanding things then as now with the exception that most people aren’t brilliant thinkers. We are a lot smarter now than we were 4000 years ago, that’s obvious. In the 21st century, religion kind of ended up like the movie Dogma. If you’ve seen Dogma, then you might know what I’m saying here. The 18th through 21st century region is the thinking that there is a Master of the Universe as well as our own Earth. It’s just until recently – 100 years – that we’ve known how old our galaxy is. I watched Jurassic Park on Monday, and I remember this line. In Jeff Goldblum’s (played Dr. Ian Melcolm) line in Jurassic Park he says, “God created the Dinosaurs. God destroyed the dinosaurs. God creates Man. Man creates Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs destroys Man. Women inherits the Earth…..” Well, in Jurassic Park, it was true that cloning scientists created freaks-of-nature that soon got and rampaged across the tiny island due to a familiar double-crosser to most of us Americans. The point is we’re just another step in Earth’s revolution. In that film, we brought back the dinosaurs because it’s human thinking that it could bring back the past, therefore, go down into the history books as “Most Successful Cloning Experiment”. There is something about that fat guy from Seinfeld who purposely shut down the Jurassic Park’s live-wire fence so T-REX, and the Raptors could escape through the barriers. I thought this too. Hammond’s Butterfingers comment had double meaning. It could mean that he couldn’t eat ‘Buttlerfingers’, and be happy so he was a double-crosser or ‘double-agent’, and got the Dino-DNA, but failed to escape with it. In this case - it’s true that he gone through all the trouble of getting the cheap ‘technician’ job so he could steal the dinosaur DNA samples in the end. He looked kind of careless when he first appeared in the movie, but I think everyone underestimated his cleverness. Have you ever noticed that he and Ian weren’t in the same room together! The fat guy from Seinfeld was no-doubt in my mind the villain of the whole movie. Ian also was the main character in the B rated film not directed by Steven Stelberg,

I know this is really off topic and I said this on my version of the Big Bang Theory, but we probably have 100,000 years until a big asteroid hits, and we'll destroy it in time. Thanks to scientist and technology, it is possible to destroy any rock that comes in focus with the Earth. I do not believe that man hates another man that much that he would drop a nuclear bombs on one another so nuclear winter will not happen. Your God probably did not give anyone this level of hatred. I don't think we'll repeat Hiroshima, and Nagisashi again partly because the aftermath was too horrible to comprehend. In the 1960s we had the Cuban Missile Crisis. That was an extremely close call. This has only one thing to do with the BIG BANG theory. Our sun is a young child in the galaxy partly because the color of it is yellow. We are the 2nd intelligent species to living here on this water-filled planet. The first was the Neanderthal. We were actually aliens to them long time ago. It's a long story on why Neanderthal don't exist anymore. It is obviously because they couldn't reproduce their species. There was a long time where there were two intelligent species on Earth side by side. And I mean smarter than whales, dolphins, chimps, and the like. Then again dinosaurs were the dominate species before the 2nd ice age when we were fair game to saber tooth tigers. Again this was long time ago. It too bad the Bible existed before fossil diggers. We hunted down woolly mammoth like deer, and so did the Neanderthal. This was well before Christ was born though.

As our sun becomes older - we may see Earth no longer able to support life, and may see life on Jupitor's moon, Titan. The ESA (European Space Agency) is sending a probe to study Titan up close, and verify that it has the same mountainous terrain, river channels, some kind of weather, and erosion that Earth has. We made a recent discovery that Jupitor's moon, Titan, may have life on it in 40 million years. This doesn't mean intelligent life like us, but rather microscopic organisms. It's hard too imagine that we were more ape than human 600 thousand years ago.

Secondly, how did the Big Bang begin? The center of the universe imploded like an atomic bomb, and compressed matter shockwave through infinite light years. The reason why I say infinite is the Universe is continue to span. The structural integrity couldn’t hold the mass any longer so it expanded at the speed of light to the outer reaches of space. The universe is still expanding. Anyhow, the matter that was first formed is called plasma. Plasma is a type of radiation. The plasma eventually becomes pure energy or a form of electricity called “Maffei”. As gas cloud forms in the galaxy. The next 30,000 years, the universe cools itself to 10,000°K or Kalvin temperature. The Fahrenheit equivalent to this is 17540.33 degrees [F= ((K-273.15)*1.8)+32]. The protons eventually turn into hydrogen (we know the hydrogen is made up of one atom, the smallest matter known to man) No light is visible during this period. And the ‘H’ gas eventually forms planetary systems, and continues to harden into a solid to form various classes of planets. All planets have different type of gases that make up their atmosphere. To our knowledge, only oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen can make up an atmosphere or AKA air capable for life-forms. To have life, you must have plant life, which everyone knows, needs carbon monoxide to live. The by-product of plants is in fact oxygen. Earth is the only planet with these three ingredients. Also the Sun has to warm the planet above freezing so plant life can grow, and water can form. All life forms in water first before it’s far along it’s evolution to move across continents or land masses. It seems that all the planetary systems are red-shifting or moving away from our “Sol” planetary system. Blue shift planetary systems do not exist to our knowledge meaning that the planetary systems are moving towards us. Some sources say red-shift planetary systems are much like the sonic boom here on earth. Think it as if when I heard the sonic boom of an aircraft flying over me seconds before the sound hits,, and then the sound fades. Same thing with red-shifting. This also is known as the ‘Doppler Effect’. The sound of an aircraft is also a Doppler Effect. The site explaining this phenomenon used the whistle of a bullet-train as an example. The train whistles as it comes to a railroad crossing than the sound gets louder because the frequency is higher. The planetary system travels near us at light-speed, and then it breaks away from our solar system’s gravitational field just as quickly with its enormous speed. Our sun is small compared to other planetary systems so the likelihood of our “Sol” planetary system blue-shifting another planetary system is very, very small. I found out this fact today. To our knowledge, only yellow-colored suns can support life forms. Yellow colored suns are middle-aged suns. Blue suns are newly born suns, and red suns are almost dead suns.

Thirdly, evidence of the big bang:

• First of all, we are reasonably certain that the universe had a beginning.

• Second, galaxies appear to be moving away from us at speeds proportional to their distance. This is called "Hubble's Law," named after Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) who discovered this phenomenon in 1929. This observation supports the expansion of the universe, and suggests that the universe was once compacted.

• Third, if the universe was initially very, very hot as the Big Bang suggests, we should be able to find some remnant of this heat. In 1965, Radioastronomers Arno Penzias, and Robert Wilson discovered a 2.725 degree Kelvin (-454.765 degree Fahrenheit, -270.425 degree Celsius) Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB) which pervades the observable universe. This is thought to be the remnant which scientists were looking for. Penzias, and Wilson shared in the 1978 Nobel Prize for Physics for their discovery.

• Finally, the abundance of the "light elements" Hydrogen, and Helium found in the observable universe are thought to support the Big Bang model of origins.

Fourthly, one of the popular spin-offs that astronomers make of the Big Bang theory is the red-shifting of planets. I don’t know if this is referring to the Hubble space telescope created in 1991 or a scientific term. Anyways it theorizes that radiation loses its speed over long distances when it continues to expand. The big explosion is over thus most of the universe is already created. It also states that if the universe is 10 billion years old, and continues to grow for another 10 billion it will be less than twice the size it is now.

Our Galaxy, The Milky Way

The universe is growing all the time with new planetary systems every day. When planetary Systems get destroyed - it’s usually because the sun is no longer a sun than it's considered a black hole or brown-dwarf. Everything in that planetary system is died. Anyways, the center of the Universe is a set amount of light years for 1 split second, and changes the next second to more. We do not yet know if our home, the Milky Way Galaxy, is being pushed further back into the Universe. Our Milky Way Galaxy is on the outer layers of the Universe. I don't know much other than the fact that we're a new galaxy in the Universe of 999,999,999,999,999, 999,999 total galaxies, and a 100 billion times that in planetary systems per galaxy. Yes, honestly, there are 100 Billion star planetary systems in our galaxy! We are the only one we know of with 9 planets. I got this information from my 6th grade Science class. Have you never looked up in a sky, and saw thousands of stars some nights? These are the sun's light that travels hundreds of light-years to our solar system. Most planetary systems have 2 suns also called a binary planetary system. Some planetary systems have as many as 4 suns.

The big bang theory is the only theory we have to state that the universe was created this way until we have any reason to make a new theory with known scientific evidence. It's just in 100 or 200 years in the future when something new is theorized. The Big Bang theory made just be another out-of-date theory? Perhaps scientists will discover that there isn't just one big bang, but several big bangs that happened at once like a chain reaction. Who knows? Maybe that evolutionary radiation explodes with contact of other gases to form Suns and planets. In our life-spans, this is the popular theory that human-kind has excepted to why everything is the way it is, and our solar system, like other planetary systems, were created from millions of years of evolution. And the evolution isn't over with. Perhaps human-kind soon dies out in 10,500 AD, and another species will take our place. They'll find all this ancient human civilization on the Earth. Perhaps they'll use our existing technology, and adapt to it so they'll eventually be smarter aliens than we are.

This article is all for fun. And remember I’m not an astronomer. I need extensive research on just to ensure there isn’t any false information. If I have states something wrong or am off-the-wall with my explaining, comment on it, please. Oh yeah – I don’t know crap about the Milky Way. Please reference on Google on “End of Humanity”, “The Milky Way”, “Red-shifting”, and most obviously, “The Big Bang”.

My Resources:
Maffei –
Brown dwarfs -


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