Sunday, August 01, 2004

Advanced Space Technology Stolen?

A new generation of jet propulsion developed in secrecy by N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) until the word got out on the Internet that they were working on a new engine with “20 thrust cells or more.” A thrust cell is like a fuel cell, but more high tech. The new generation engine has been worked on by the United States to develop a better means of space travel. The new engine is called the “X-33 Linear Aerospike Engine ” In 15 years down the road; we can use this technology in fighter aircraft. We stole this information from advance Soviet technology. This could be used in maybe 2 or 3 generations of new stealth aircraft. Aerospike is being developed in 3 different places. Including the well known Lockheed Martin Skunk Works (the creators of the F-14, F-22 and Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Aircraft), and Stennis Space Center. SSC, in North Carolina, tests the new space engine. The third place is unknown at the present.

This engine runs cold instead of hot liquid fuel, which makes me question what technology, so advanced, could run at a low temperature, while generating enough power to fly a space shuttle. NASA said that the engine used liquid nitrogen / hydrogen mix that went through the engine as highly concentrated fuel.

Technology hasn’t brought us as far as not using fossil fuels at all. This technology has been around since the late 1960s as a means of thrust in the lunar module (Apollo 11.) It was never used because the technology was too “immature .” With this new technology the United States could send space probes farther then before, like to Pluto, for example, and the life of the satellite could be twice as long. Then you ask why they don’t keep using nuclear rods. Nuclear energy is an aging technology. When we do send highly expensive technology into space, it usually becomes outdated in 5 years, unless it is military technology, then it’s 2 times as advanced as any civilian space technology. Remember it was not too long ago that citizens got to use globe positioning, and that is relatively primitive to what military satellites are used for. AKA. American spy satellites that have 3000x zooming capabilities are nice, yet expensive toys for the United States government.

France is developing their own next generation military satellite called Syracuse III, it is an exact replica of the US military technology of today, but funded by not just France…Germany and Russia as well. This satellite has a bandwidth of SEVERAL HUNDRED MEGABYTES of data per second! This means that France would be interested in getting next generation space propulsion, especially the ‘cold running kind.’

Certainly, countries would have the same technology like France , who is in second place for developing rockets used for satellites and such. Their military satellites called “Telecom” serve duel roles for both telecommunication and military ‘spy’ usage. France enhances television, and global commutations for the whole contention of Europe. Europe uses military defenses a well. Satellites, like Syracuse III types, are authorized to watch American satellites in space. It’s scary what can be observed, and France has a right to do so. We know that France has at least one military satellite in space. France is against us in Iraq. Although they are still allies in the U.N.’s eyes, they could sell technology that we Americans use, like “Aerospike”, to other countries to do analyzing of their own... places like China, and North Korea would like to use the same technology, but it would be 5 years before either one of them could even be at the stage of testing. It took China and North Korea until the 1990s to figure out how to become nuclear. Maybe North Korea could, in the future, could use nuclear powered satellites to analyze our new space probes using new propulsion like “AeroSpike.” This is why we try to safeguard our technology because we built “AeroSpike”. It’s ours, and ours only!!!!

By Ian
September 23, 2003
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