Sunday, August 08, 2004

Double Windows XP re-installations due to trogan

Two days a go, I was going to get an Atari Jaguar. The thing costs 59 dollars used only because you don’t see them at all. Jaguar is known as the first console to be 64-bit. Some find it untrue since the Jaguar had two 32-bit processors that were more powerful than Playstation. Jaguar, of course, had full support from Atari although Atari did release some anthologies on other consoles during the Jaguar age. Jaguar was a monster failure although its software was more advanced than Sega Saturn in some ways. I’ve seen the console and Box at the River Falls videogame store.

Anyways, I came across Project Tempest. Project Tempest emulates the Jaguar. So far I downloaded Jaguar ROMs from, and ran them in Project Tempest 1.5. The Jaguar controller was very odd. It had a D-pad and 6 buttons like the Genesis, but 12 code buttons, and I don’t know what they are used for. Anyhow, I had to assign 18 keys to the keyboard to play Tempest 2000. I found out that the latest version of Project Tempest has issues with Direct X 9.0. I use an older version that uses Direct X 8.1.

After that, I played Final Fantasy for the first time on TV. I'm talking about the original. The title that started it all. I bought Final Fantasy Origins long time ago, but I never got a chance to play it. So I played it today. Most noticeably the music is remixed, and upgraded to SNES sound standards. That’s nice. My warrior died in the first battle and the rest followed due to a man short. I should have had a white mage to heal him, but I choice a red mage instead. I’m more of a fighter than sorcerer/sorceress. The coolest thing about a Playstation disc is that it’ll always be able to run on the computer. Final Fantasy graphics are enhanced. All the backgrounds have are made of 100s of sprites. I was playing that for 8 hours last night.

I watched Bran Stoker’s Dracula yesterday. It’s not the traditional Dracula, but yet it has that edge in horror films. The 1992 Academy awards gave it 3 academies for Best sound effects, best make-up, and best director. Keanu Reaves was in it. This was early in his carrier, and yet he gives a better performance than The Matrix in my opinion. He teamed up with Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lector from The Silent of the Lambs, this was his next movie). The count in this movie first tries to stay away from blood, yet then he gets the erg to kill of his whole ship. A vampire has to go on a masquerade sometime, doesn’t he? Unlike other vampire movies, Count Dracula is human without the sharp teeth. In older Dracula’s, the count had his sharp teeth all the time. We all know Dracula evil, but some films make him more evil than others. Blade II must be the most evil vampire movie around.

I got hit with another Trojan horse. This time it didn’t allow Windows to see my own DVD-ROM drives. I got a mad, which lead me to believe that the IDE cable got disconnected from bumping the computer. I’ve “looked under the hood” and saw that there were no disconnections. My second idea was that I could repair the file system with the WINXP installation CD. This failed. This particular file that was infected was the DVD-ROM driver. Oh-no! This disallowed Windows to read files off the DVD-ROM during installation. So I reformatted in NTFS, and reinstalled Windows XP again. I was able to back up my files before something went wrong. I’m smart like that.

That’s not all folks! I got errors on my custom PC (the sound didn’t work) so I was going to reinstall the OS while I watched a couple Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes, and laughed my heart out when suddenly the custom PC shuts off, and made a very long BEEEEEEEEEP! A shiver went down my spine, and without thinking I pulled the power cable. My guess is the PC shuts down when it gets above a certain temperature. So I played with the on switch a few times - it didn’t go on. Then I was saved 10 minutes later when my PC cooled off and turned on. I was scared for a moment there. And no, I haven’t over-clocked the RAM. In fact, a year ago I’ve changed the RAM BIOS setting to 233 MHz. Oops! My computer of didn’t work afterwards. I had burnt marks on my processor. It was an Athlon too. Other possibilities are the CPU fan stopped working or my SDRAM is not functioning. This wasn’t the case since after I turned on the computer an hour later it seemed to have no issues.

I played Unreal Tournament 2004 with the no-cd crack after the fresh installation. I can’t find the play disc. I play Onslaught and Capture the Flag. My Pentium 4 seems to have no problem playing it at 1600x1200. I play at experienced, but I have one lost in onslaught. My strategy is to go the opposite direction away from the bots, and hope that the other team is not going where I’m going. It’s a very addictive game. I die more than I fight though. The bots are extremely aggressive at experienced. My GPU is a Radeon 9800 XT. I think I left my UT 2004 Play Disc at Mikes, which makes it a little more difficult to play the game. I remember an error accruing when I apply the patch. This was at Mikes. But I do play that game a lot this pass week.

Seeing this picture leads me to believe that Doom 3 is all graphics. Look into his eyes and tell me that this model isn't 200,000 polygons. He looks like my Uncle LeRoy.

I have 40 Planetary Radio episodes now. Planetary Radio talks about space a lot. That’s where I got my very odd article about Star Trek 8 three weeks ago. The Star Trek episode in December 2002 was my favorite. They talk about warp speed, and the truth about it is we’ll never go light-speed in my life time. If you think about it, the world will be more populated. It’s kind of a trade-off. One-hundred years ago we were simpler people, set aside the Civil War, I only think in 2104, people will look back 100 years and say how the most powerful computer is 100 gigahertz and the average computer user had a 2.0 – 3.2 Gigahertz computer 100 years back is like comparing the 386 processor to the most powerful super computer today, the Earth Simulator. Right now we have such a thing commonly known as Head Mounted Displays or HMD for short. These are most commonly used with the DVD players to watch movies. You just ware a visor which connects to the Internet and you can walk into anywhere. There will be a choice of VR gloves and a controller. The gloves will work as virtual hands so you can type in a virtual keyboard. Plus, your self image will be in 3D so you can meet people real city in a virtual world. Much lower tech than the Matrix. In 2154, we’ll have VR units that hook directly up to the brain which will take DNA samples, and make a replica image of yourself which can walk and talk like you through virtual reality, and you’ll move around using your brain. It’s much better than seeing myself of TV! To bad I won’t be alive when someone revolutionizes a practical way to upload you into the Internet. I think those devices that make a 3D image of someone whose across seas, but visibly in the same room as I am will happen in my life-time. Except, your brain can be in the real world as-well. The Nintendo Virtual Boy could not connect to the Internet nor does it have any good titles. The fact that it had to be setup on a table alone made it not likeable. I suppose you could find leather straps and make a head holder. It would be clunky and very heavy. It was ahead of it’s time, but didn’t have color screens and I’ve heard the visor was heavy and the gloves often moved around in a wire-frame world. It is often said that videogame consoles will pioneer a product that will have virtual reality, although the Virtual Boy failed commercially. It is said that 3D Tetris was the only decent title on Virtual Boy. Gamers much rather use a keyboard, and a mouse or controller.

The HMD from Cy-Visor looks very futuristic. This visor has dual SVGA 24-bit color LCD screens. The visor can (of course) make images appear big to the retina thus making it seem like your in the 3D action. I want to play Unreal Tournament 2004 with some stereo speakers and a these visors. The new ones have 800x600 display (again if your not using military versions) with 180,000 pixels on screen. The website is here There is also this manufacture with makes i-glasses (a mid-level) HMD for the PC. These can play with consoles, and these are much better then the nine year old monochrome Virtual Boy ever was. I want one.

Except if I had that kind of cash, I would invest it into a better motherboard/processor.

The military uses these for training simulations, and hooks up to the helmet. The i-glasses are one of the units that will do this.

Oh yeah, I updated Ian’s Quintessential Blog today. Added new pictures, added boarders. Go here: The entries in it are exactly the same as his webpage, but you might want to look at my sexy photo gallery complete with scrolling thumbnails all below 20K.

Yellow Flower

Doom 3 was supposed to be released today!!!! I plan to get it this week at Wal-Mart. I expect it to be 50 bucks, and I’ll be living the surround sound to an extent. I do not have the best sound system. Although if I turn the sound system all the way someone can hear it clearly in the garage, that’s way too loud! It’s a first person shooter none-the-less, but with state-of-the-art graphics and a powerful graphics engine – it’s bound to get attention. I think I’m good with what I have for another 16 months. People should know already, there are full versions on Emule, and I have a feeling that there will be a lot of Doom 3 ISO downloading! My guess is Doom 3 will defiantly use Securom 5x copyright protection.

Here are updated requirements for Doom 3 :

256 MB of RAM (512 MB Recommended)
1.3 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP (2.0 GHz Pentium 4 recommended)
64-bit GPU (128-bit GPU recommended)
4 Gigs of hard drive space
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower
Sample screenshot of a 512-bit Graphic Processing Unit ( this one using Matrox Parhelia ) Reminds me of Ecco the Dolphin : Defender of the Future (Dreamcast, PS2)

If I were to get anything for 500 dollars, I would spend it on technology, it would be a 512-bit Geforce FX 6000, when the damn thing comes out. Games don’t need that power yet, or won’t for another 2 years. There is one 512-bit GPU out from Creative Labs called the Wildcat. There is also a lesser known GPU manufacture called Matrox. Matrox Parhelia is technically superior to Radeon 9800 XT and Nvidia Geforce FX 5900, and it clocks at 600 MHz. This is more than the Xenon GPU! Nvidia makes a super high-end 128-bit, and 256-bit GPU called the Quadro for dual screen displays.

Matrox Parhelia is technically superior to Radeon 9800 XT and Nvidia Geforce FX 5900. Nvidia makes a super high-end 128-bit and 256-bit GPU called the Quadro for dual screen displays. Parhelia is more for gaming on a single monitor although it can do two. This means if you want three monitors to show a widescreen display thus having one picture. Just imagine this using a HMD. I much rather spend 500 bucks on a GPU like the Parhelia than a headset that focuses light into the retina. The lowest Internet price for the 512-bit Parhelia is 360 dollars US! This is very reasonable for a really powerful GPU with two monitor inputs. This is very useful for monitor and television combos. One thing that puts Parhelia chipsets at a disadvantage is Matrox makes it and nobody else. Geforce and Radeon go under several 3rd party manufacture name-plates like XFX for an example. There are these specs on how Parhelia uses vortex shader 2.0 (Microsoft Direct X 9.0 graphics accelerator) whereas Geforce 4 uses vortex-shader 1.3 (Direct X 8.1). I assure you that there are little difference if both chips are both 512-bit. Most games are optimized for Geforce and Radeon so they don’t run technology on vortex-shader 2.0 yet. Both can run circles around X-Box graphics now-a-days. If you’re not a big graphics card person...I can understand this. I don't even have the money to go out and buy every new graphics card that's out.....I don't think anyone does. Not even millionaires do.

And it should go in this order for gaming rigs
1.) Processor
2.) GPU
3.) Memory

As far as school goes, I will be getting some class assignment assistance from student services there. The meeting is one week before school starts. Dad and I had a discussion on what I should do to improve my skills. I am on probation since I hadn’t got my assignments on time. That and the fact that I missed a good part of Linux, and was asked why I didn’t go to class. I again said this was a result of a minor misconception that I’d sent college credits in from high school, and now they aren’t counted. My first thought is this can not be happening to me. Yet it was and I wanted them to transfer. My guess is the school wanted money so they asked me to forget about updating high school college credits (Intro to DOS and Intro to Linux) into the system. I failed Linux, that’s why. Something’s screwy going on at the school. My dad I don’t think sees it. Chippewa Valley was a little easier than WITC. WITC’s version of Linux class wanted me to learn more commands. That’s not their fault. That’s not my fault. My school wanted me to be enrolled in college. And I had all these bad thoughts about not being in high school. College students come and go. It’s all in the past, yet I feel that I going to have a bad case of disavow here and I’m not liking it. At least my dad’s paying for the courses – that’s why I try not to complain about it. I wait for something to go wrong, in this case failing another class, and than something does go wrong at the very end. This is very negative thinking although it was somewhat true last year.

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