Monday, May 10, 2004

School I can live free for 3 whole mon

Playing: ATB- Sunscreen

I am not about to say how things are good, when it’s been a substantial weekend to say the least. On Friday, the sewage failed and we got decapitated water in four rooms. It spread in the walls into my computer room, I was relieved that my computer was okay. My parents had a wet-vac, and used that to delay the water. On Friday the water kept coming in my room whenever someone flushed the toilet or used a sink. That only happened once. The plumber came the next day and got the drain unplugged in our basement. So we tore up the carpet in the family room got rid of the decapitated parts. Now we won’t get sick! Our basement is now half-carpeted, half concrete. My room is a mess right now, after mom and I cleaned it up good (got rid of a lot of paper and garbage.)

Bob couldn’t make it over again this weekend. Understandably he has finals. Makes me kind-a wonder what he’s up to this summer with no school. Bob and I go back a long time, maybe 7 years. With the health hazard over with…he might be able to come over this time. I want to show him Kingdom Hearts. Ya, it’s Disney and more suited for young people. I feel like it brings out my inner child if there is such of thing. I like many gamers who know around RPGs fairly well, don’t care how cute it looks as long as it plays well and is rewarding. I know I got confused a couple spots here and there. It took me an hour just to get out of the Tarzan level because I forgot to look for Jane in the tent before the boss fight. I’m about 11 hours into the game. Right now, I can’t figure out why the red trinity right before the boss fight has boxes in front of it at Tranverse Town . I can’t remove them so no boss fight. I have a hunch that I need to give Cid a gummy part for the Gummy Ship to have warp speed. My favorite character in this game is probably the Evil Witch in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, because she’s the most sinister of the villains. Mom got the movie when I was 10 so I know the movie fairly well. Once I get half-way through the FAQ, I’ll post a game review at This review should not be read for at least one week.

At school I’m doing fairly well. Not an A student, but not a failing student. I installed Windows 3.1 on a computer in hardware / software installation. It was really easy…no effort. Then Partition Magic 7 wouldn’t install on it. Well I didn’t say anything.. of course, Win3.1 only runs 16-bit applications. I took a copy of Windows 2000, and tried coping it with Alcohol 120%. It didn’t work. So I guess I just gonna keep the CD. It’s a copy of the original copy …I have no idea how someone copied it. The advantage of Windows 2000 is its fully unlockable after you put in the serial.

Last Friday at school, I’m going to find out if the janitor turned off the computer with my downloads. The Number Lock light was on too, I turned the monitor off before I left. I’m downloading betas of Doom 3 and Half-life 2 over Overnet. Even if I left it on for 60 hours, I don’t know if the file(s) downloaded completely. I like to play games, so I’ll have all of it for myself. Hey, I’m all for it….my friends don’t know what they’re missing! Ha!

(This Week) I find out that the janitor did uninstall overnet and leaving the Number Lock light on was a mistake. All my downloads got deleted. This time I installed overnet on a different computer, set up the Doom 3 download, turned the monitor off and the NUMLOCK key to off. Fortunately no one blocked Overnet this time. Today is the 2nd to last day of school so I’m thinking I should get everything uploaded tomorrow if possible. I didn’t exactly do too well on hardware/software installation. I think I passed it, that’s the good news. The bad news is that it was average at best. :)

Tomorrow being the last day of school, I think I will get to know Diablo 2 a little more. Lets face the fact – I have way to many games to play at once. It is true (and I can’t deny it) that I play only my newest games. This includes games I haven’t played (I have 8 of them) Right now I’m really enjoying one of my newer games, Rallisport Challenge for X-Box. I had enjoyed games like Sega Rally Championship 2 and Test Drive V-Rally for Dreamcast because they require skill. I’ve have must more driving skill than lets say action game skill. V-Rally was in my opinion better then Sega Rally Championship 2 because it offered more tracks, better music, more cars, better graphics. RSC delivers a lot…with more tracks…about same selection of is the same, better graphics, and pretty much same controls.

Bob, if you're reading this...remember to call me. We have to do something together. Play Diablo 1 or whatever you want. My room is a mess right now, but it's dry! I'm going to have to spring clean earlier than I thought.

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