Monday, May 17, 2004

Another rainy spring day during summer vacation

Okay so you didn’t like my last blog…yeh I know…N64 is dead so why give it a second thought, right? Gamecube has been out for 2 years and 8 months if you known or already thought of buying one…you’ve would of already. Isn’t that the truth. We had a thunderstorm about 6 hours ago...first thing I was worried about was my computers…though they have surge protection…I still worry about them. Hmm I was playing Final Fantasy IX - it completely froze up…I look at the disc it was free of scratches. Then I put it down and play Summoner 2, a game I bought long time ago, but haven’t played yet. That froze, though it was full of scratches. So I stick in ICO and that froze. I think it’s my PS2 DVD-ROM. I don’t know if the drive is worn out or not. I never abused it so I don’t see why it would suddenly freeze like that. I was hoping that it would last me until I get a Playstation 3 in June 2006.

As for further bad news, Bob didn’t show. Bob and I were suppose to do something yesterday – but he never picked up his cell. Last time we spoke, he told me that he would find time for us to do something. I was thinking that we could-have played some Call of Duty. (If you haven’t heard of it – it’s a WWII PC game by Infantry Ward) I want to kick some crout ass! Honestly I haven’t played online with it for weeks. I’ve been on multiplayer and it’s smooth through a modem. Call of Duty doesn’t lag nearly as much as Unreal Tournament 2004. I got to the 7th level in Call of Duty in Single Player without cheating. Bob and I usually like to play old-school Diablo 1. I don’t think Dreamcast is quite old-school yet. Maybe it’s a modern old-school console? Old-school is anything a generation old in my opinion and Dreamcast meets that status. The 128-bit generation (1998 – Present) is the longest generation of any previous generation. It is longer then the 32/64-bit generation (1995 – 2001). Now I couldn’t have gone far back before the NES. Then you’ve would-of had Pac-man like graphics and that wouldn’t interest me at all. In case you were wondering what my favorite game for Dreamcast was (it wasn’t Soul Caliber), I’ll tell you because I like you guys…it was Crazy Taxi.

Here is the Best Console Emulation of all consoles:

XBOX - Xeon -
Gamecube - GCubix - or Dolwin for WIN32 -
PSX – EPSXE 1.6 – or www.ngemu/psx/
PS2 – PCSX2 – or www.ngemu/ps2/
N64 – Project64k –
Genesis – Gens - http:// (Gens also plays Sega Masters)
SNES – SNES 9x -
Saturn - SSF -
Atari 2600 – z26 -
Game Boy Advance - Virtual Boy Advance -
SNK Neo Geo - NeoRage 0.6 -

Today I had beaten Perfect Dark – because I downloaded it from the Internet and used Project 64K to emulate it. I didn’t want to hook up my N64 and play it. You know once you take it out – you either have to leave it out or put it a way again. Makes you wonder when the Xbox title Perfect Dark 2 is coming out? I rather enjoyed playing Perfect Dark again with graphical enhancements. It’s interesting that a N64 game would have difficulty running my other 2.0 GHz Athlon XP computer. I also run a Geforce 4 FX 5600 256MB version GPU in that machine. About a 70 dollar video card now-a-days.

As for further bad news…no one hired me. Target didn’t want me – and I’m a good guy...I don’t see why they didn’t want me. I was going to work at the hospital since that got good pay 10 dollars an hour for cleaning beds and doing janitor work. But to me I rather work at a hardware store like Home Depot and Fleet Farm. Did I mention that there is now a Home Depot in Hudson, WI now? It’s incorperated itself there last November. Home Depot is replacing K-Mart in that town. I mean who goes to K-Mart? Wal-Marts better. I haven’t been inside Home Depot yet. It’ll give me something to do later today.

I have some good news – I updated my Geocities webpage! For those of you who stared at my logo and thought it was too cluttered….I whole-heartedly agree. So instead of having 6 characters…I just had one videogame character and myself. The unreal tournament guy had his legs cut off…that looked awful didn’t it? I had to stare at it too for a while when I knew it had to go. So I put a classic videogame character that 99% of anyone knows….Cloud Strife on a motorcycle. That’ll up my ratings I hope. I hope my webpage didn’t die and go to heaven. Stop by some time.

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