Wednesday, May 26, 2004

First Teenager in Space? China to land on Moon?

Hello, I’m glad the majority of you liked my last entry. I am not very interested in space exploration although today I heard about this Justin Houchin who is going to be the first teenager in space. He’s also going to be an Eagle Scout…how surprising. Normally I don’t give a sh*t, but the mission is going to be historic. Official Website: for more information. Is a teenager ready for space exploration? Can he take the extreme Gs? I first heard of him from a Planetary Radio broadcast. Go to their site to download the WMA/MP3. One hundred years from now astronauts will be living on the moon.

In other space news, China may be the second country to land on the moon. China has their own space organization and their own space shuttle complete with launch platform and Chinese astronauts. We know China isn’t stupid, but China also has the most people on the Earth like 1.8 Billion so when China talks about space, the rest of the world has to listen. It’s nice to see a country besides us to do moon landings, I wish it wasn’t China though. 45 years have passed since Neal Armstrong landed on the Moon and sooner or later someone else would land on it. The good thing is China is doing their own funding. George W. Bush isn’t lending money to help China land on the moon. China is communist country like the USSR was so it stands to reason that we only go so far as to trade with them. We may of sold a few Hummers or F-16s to them for $$$ over the course of 20 years. China doesn’t want to conquer land that’s why they are apart of the United Nations. That’s an obvious observation though. Before you know it China will have their own satellites in space decoding American messages that could be military information. In another 10 years China is going to have their own squadron of Stealth aircraft and nuclear long range missiles and we can’t stop them. They probably got a good chuck of this from the Koreans. Those who spied and took from our country to benefit their own. That’s why no one in our country likes them. I don’t think that’ll happen while the Iraqi War is going on. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not racist to any color of skin. I don’t like what China stands for.

As for other news I found an open source movie player that’ll play DIVx, some DVD movies, and other audio and video formats for MS Windows, MAC and Unix. It’s not pretty, but this program is still in the beta version so it’ll be interesting if it’ll turn out like it's commercial cousins. VLC is available off Check it out too!

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